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20 Gallon False Bottom

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These false bottoms were specifically designed to be used with the BoilerMaker brew pot when used as a mash tun. The unique button louver design gives you both a highly efficient and clog resistant false bottom that is one of the best on the market.

Stainless steel false bottom is for the BoilerMaker brew pot. Each false bottom is sized based on the brew pot it will be used in (not one size fits all), so make your selection based on the size of your BoilerMaker. This 7.5 false bottom is compatible with both G1 and G2 models of Blichmann Boilermakers.

These false bottoms are intended to be used as a mash filter only. Not recommended to be used as a boil screen for hops, as the false bottom will impede the convective flow of a rolling boil, and may lead to scorching of the wort. Additionally for the same reason, when doing step mashes (heating the wort with the false bottom in place), you need to make sure and circulate your wort while heating. Because the false bottom impedes the convective flow of heat, not circulating can result in scorching of the wort and/or grain.

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