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Premium In-Line Oxygenation Kit

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The Premium In-Line Oxygenation Kit designed by Blichmann Engineering sets your brew day up for success. This kit provides a new way to oxygenate your wort as it travels into the fermenter. The stainless steel diffusion stone dissolves oxygen into your wort to promote yeast health and vigorous fermentation. It also reduces lag times to produce the finest home-brewed beer without off-flavors from stressed yeast. Unlike other products on the market, this product quickly and completely disassembles for cleaning and sanitation. Blichmann has also selected a stone porosity that is the perfect balance between small bubble size for quickly dissolving the oxygen, yet has the permeability for sanitizers to fully and quickly penetrate the stone for proper sanitation. Other manufacturers use stones so fine that sanitizers cannot penetrate them and they must be boiled to be properly sanitized. Your success is our priority when it comes to brewing!

The Premium kit includes a Oxygen Flow Regulator that helps you dial in the exact liters per minute of oxygen needed to achieve 8-10 ppm of dissolved oxygen in your wort. Having the correct levels of dissolved oxygen in your wort is vital to yeast health and the final flavor profile of your beer. At the center of the In-Line Oxygenation Kit, wort flows through a stainless steel infusion-T using Blichmann 1/2" QuickConnectors. Inside of the infusion-t is the infusion stone which does all of the oxygen dissolving and heavy lifting into your wort. Simply hook up the gas regular and O2 supply to flow wort through the infusion-t resulting in fully oxygenated wort by the time it hits the fermenter.

Kit Includes:

  • Oxygen Flow Regulator
  • 10 Micron Stainless Steel diffusion stone
  • Two 1/2" QuickConnectors
  • Custom stainless t-fitting
  • 5 ft. length of hose

Please Note:

  • Requires "propane-type" oxygen tank
  • PDFUser Manual

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