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RIMS-Rocket 240V with HopRocket

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The RIMS-Rocket Electric Immersion heating coil leverages Blichmann's popular HopRocket canister to give you a no-compromise RIMS heater. Simply install this heater into the HopRocket canister, plug it into your system and you're in business. Super easy to clean and ultra-low watt density gives you unparalleled performance and simplicity.

The HopRocket is an incredibly innovative hop infusing tool packed with world-class features! It can be used as a hopback, but it also doubles as an inline hop infuser (Randalizer) for your beer-dispensing system and, better yet, it triples as an inline filter! Definitely cool, consistently reliable and clearly Blichmann Engineering, the HopRocket will send your hop aroma into orbit!

Complete your electric brewery with the RIMS-Rocket form Blichmann Engineering. RIMS stands for Recirculation Infusion Mash System, and it allows you to heat your mash with the use of electricity, instead of a propane/natural gas burner. This is great for those wanting to move their brew day indoors. Available as an upgrade to your HopRocket or a complete kit with HopRocket and Electric RIMS Heater.

Important Electrical Specifications:

  • The cable is 12 gauge high quality very flexible cable
  • Each cord will have a factory installed plug on each end, so the product is truly plug-and-brew
  • The heater end of the cable is terminated with a Blichmann custom molded plug
  • The other end is terminated with a twist-lock connector: L6-30P for the 240V model
  • Rated Voltage (VAC): 240V
  • Fittings: 1/2" NPT male
  • Recommended GFCI Breaker Size: 30
  • Amperage: 14.6A
  • Recommended GFCI breaker: 20A
  • Power: 3500W
  • Removable custom engineered power plug means cleaning is a snap - no dangling power cord tethered to your heater and the terminal pins are spray-down capable
  • The RIMS-Rocket heater assembly clamps right into our HopRocket canister for added versatility and lower cost
  • The RIMS-Rocket includes a "plug and play" 12 ft factory wired cable with a molded twist-lock L6-30P plug on one end, and our custom removable plug on the other end
  • Less than ultra low watt density means no chance of scorching when used in accordance with instructions
  • Includes pressure relief plug to guard against improper installation or operation
  • Optional RIMS-Rocket mounting bracket conveniently attaches the RIMS-Rocket to your TopTier brewing stand or other brewing stand
  • Couple with our new electric TOWER of POWER controller for the ultimate in temperature control for your brewing system
  • UPC: 700697206319
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