Mounting Bracket for HopRocket or RIMS Rocket

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Use this mounting kit to fasten your Blichmann HopRocket or RIMS Rocket to your TopTier stand, or mount vertically on any other surface. It's quick and easy to install, and has a quick-release so that you can disconnect the Rocket easily.

This mounting bracket allows you to secure your RIMS-Rocket or HopRocket securely to the TopTier brewing stand. Features a quick release system that makes it a breeze to unhook the rocket from the mount. While this mount was designed specifically for use with the TopTier, it can also be mounted to about any vertical surface, including the inside of your keg cooler!


  • Mount your RIMS Rocket/HopRocket to your TopTier stand or other vertical surface
  • Quick and easy install
  • Quick-release mount

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