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The ThruMometer from Blichmann Engineering is the first in-line thermometer. It's the ideal for monitoring wort temperature as it goes from your counterflow wort chiller to your fermentation vessel.

The Blichmann ThruMometer 3/8" Tube allows you to adjust the wort and / or water flow rates in your counterflow heat exchanger to dial in the exact wort temperature your specific yeast culture requires, with no more guesswork. The ThruMometer is also far more usable than competitors' digital or bi-metal thermometers, with an extremely fast-responding, highly conductive aluminum body and liquid crystal thermometer. Unlike its competition, the ThruMometer never needs calibration and is built for a lifetime of use, with heat-treated, highly corrosion-resistant aluminum.

Quick responding, the ThruMometer thermometer responds at the rate of 1 degree per second; accurate to within 1 degree. Never needs calibrating. Used with any counterflow wort chiller (cannot be used with immersion chillers), the ThruMometer will help you avoid over-chilling your wort, and save water. Constructed of heat-treated corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, will last a lifetime! Tubing with an inner diameter of 3/8" will fit the ThruMometer.

Whlie traditional in-line thermometers are made from a complicated assembly of pipe fittings with numerous places for bacteria to build up, the ThruMometer's entire interior is mirror-smooth, offering bacteria nowhere to hide. Plus, its non-serrated barbs are much easier to clean and remove - thus neither harboring bacteria nor damaging hoses. Press-fit ends are machined to 0.005" precision and finely finished to allow a 3/8" ID hose to snugly and securely fit over the barb.

Blichmann has tested and analyzed the competition at our facility using precision thermometers, flow meters, and a cooling water-blending module for precise control. The results? The Therminator remains the best overall value as the king of coolers!


  • Should not be used with liquids exceeding 140°F
  • Clean with mild detergent only using warm water
  • Do not soak in the same bucket as other metals
  • After use, dry thoroughly and store in the protective plastic tube

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