Blichmann BrewMometer Weldless Model Thermometer

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  • The BrewMometer Weldless is a great addition to any brew pot as it helps give you an accurate temperature reading of your wort at any time
  • The weldless version features the standard 3" dial face and a fixed 2" temperature probe
  • Can be easily installed into any stainless steel brew pot with a 1/2" hole using the unique weldless bulkhead
  • The weldless design offers unequaled sealing and stability as compared to other designs that are prone to leak and "wobble" on the pot
  • Requires a 1/2" diameter hole for installation

The BrewMometer has a unique patent pending dialface that guides the brewer through the brewing process, helping to improve quality and consistency. The hermetically sealed glass face ensures a long life. The BrewMometer features a large 3" diameter dial with low parallax stepped face, a fine pointer, crisp large lettering, and a custom made temperature range.

The weldless model comes with an integral bulkhead for easy, weld-free installation in a stainless steel kettle. The patent pending weldless design forms a super rigid water-tight seal. Unlike other weldless thermometer options, this will not "wiggle" in the pot or leak. Requires a 1/2" diameter hole for installation.

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