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5 Gallon G2 BrewEasy Adapter Lid Kit

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The adapter lid kit is the core of the BrewEasy Kettle-RIMS system and comes with all the necessary plumbing, AutoSparge, and BoilerMaker lid mount needed for the BrewEasy.

Additional Equipment Required. All you need in addition to this adapter kit is a 13/16" to 7/8" diameter hole drilled in the mash tun for the included AutoSparge, a heat source for the bottom boil kettle, and a single brew pump.

See the chart below for the brew pot sizes required for each BrewEasy setup. Choose the adapter kit that corresponds with your top pot and pot size.

  • Batch Size: 5 Gallons Mash Turn: 7.5 Gallon BoilerMaker Boil Kettle: 10 Gallon BoilerMaker
  • Batch Size: 10 Gallons Mash Turn: 15 Gallon BoilerMaker Boil Kettle: 20 Gallon BoilerMaker
  • Batch Size: 20 Gallons Mash Turn: 30 Gallon BoilerMaker Boil Kettle: 30 Gallon BoilerMaker


  • This product is the adapter kit only - BoilerMaker not included
  • The kit cannot be used with other BoilerMaker combinations or non-BoilerMaker brew pots
  • It is not recommended to brew smaller than a 4 gallon finished batch size in the 5 gallon BrewEasy

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