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Standard Extract Home Brewing Kit

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The Standard Extract Brewing Kit is the ideal setup for homebrewers wanting to customize an extract brew with steeping grains but without all the equipment or time necessary for all grain brewing. You can brew on your stove top or small outdoor burner in the 6 gallon kettle and transfer to the 6.5 gallon bucket for primary fermentation. The brew can then be moved to the 5.5 gallon wide mouth carboy for secondary fermentation until it's ready to be bottled or kegged. We have included all the materials necessary for the entire process, from monitoring your fermentation cycle to siphoning the liquid between containers to cleaning all your equipment between brews. You'll be able to brew a 5 gallon batch of beer with this kit, so it is great for someone wanting to get into home brewing or to step up their game from an all-in-one beer making kit.

  • 1

    #3 Rubber Stopper - Drilled

  • 2

    24" Stainless Steel Spoon

  • 3

    1/2" Auto-Siphon

  • 4

    Star San Sanitizer - 16 oz.

  • 5

    Five Star PBW Powdered Brewery Wash - 1 lb.

  • 6

    Double Bubble Airlock

  • 7

    6.5 Gallon Bucket

  • 8

    5.5 Gallon Wide Mouth Glass Carboy

  • 9

    6 Gallon Stainless Steel Brewing Pot with Lid

  • 10

    6.5 Gallon Bucket Lid - Drilled & Grommeted

  • 11

    1/2" Clamp for Auto-Siphon

  • 12

    5' of 3/8"I.D. Thermoplastic Super Vinyl Beer Line

  • 13

    Nylon Hop Bag 8" x 9 1/4"

  • 14

    Adhesive Fermenting Thermometer

6 Gallon Stainless Steel Brew Kettle with Lid6 Gallon Stainless Steel Brew Kettle with Lid:
This 6 Gallon Brew Pot is a reliable and inexpensive choice for those planning to brew smaller batches of beer - perfect for beginning homebrewers or more experienced brewers looking to experiment with new recipes and techniques. Constructed from sturdy and sanitary stainless steel, it includes two bulkheads and a 1/2" stainless steel full port ball valve for draining wort or sparge water. This brew pot also features convenient gallon graduations, large loop handles for easy lifting, and a matching cover.

5.5 Gallon Wide Mouth Glass Carboy5.5 Gallon Wide Mouth Glass Carboy:
This is the ideal carboy for home brewers. It is large enough to brew 5 gallon batches with enough headspace for the krausen. It's easy to clean thanks to the large opening on top. It's easy to transport thanks to the nylon carrying straps. It's easy to keep track of thanks to the adjustable date dial on the lid. It has a built-in air lock but also has a space to add your own air lock with a rubber stopper. Simply put, it is easier to use than any carboy on the market.

6.5 Gallon Bucket6.5 Gallon Bucket:
This 6.5 gallon bucket is a great choice for primary fermentation of your beer. It is made of durable, easy to clean lightweight food-grade plastic so this bucket is a versatile must-have that can be used for many home beer and wine making purposes.

When you're done brewing, you can either choose to bottle your beer or dispense it from a keg. We offer both a bottling kit and kegs as available options below. We find kegging to be a better option than bottling because it's a lot less work, your beer is ready to drink faster and it's a lot cleaner.

  1. #3 Rubber Stopper - Drilled
    This tapered rubber stopper is the perfect size for sealing the wide mouth glass carboy and has a 9 mm hole in the center for use with an airlock or tubing.

  2. 24" Stainless Steel Spoon
    Made of heavy duty food-grade stainless steel, this spoon has a longer length that makes it perfect for all kinds of mixing and stirring jobs, including stirring your home brewed beer during the fermentation process. It is much harder to bend than plastic spoons, and the slim handle fits easily into small carboy necks.

  3. 1/2" Auto-Siphon
    Perfect for transferring beer and wort from 5 gallon bucket and carboys, this racking cane features a larger diameter to allow it to work at twice the speed of the 3/8" Auto-Siphon. The single stroke action and removable tip allow you to draw a siphon without disturbing sediment. It is precision designed for smooth, leak-free operation, and is easy to sanitize.

  4. Star San Sanitizer - 16 oz.
    This acid-based sanitizer works quickly and effectively, and is self-foaming to hit all of those hard-to-reach places. When used under 300 ppm (1 ounce per 5 gallons = 300 ppm), it can be used as a no-rinse sanitizer; any remaining foam is non-toxic, odorless, and tasteless, and will not effect the quality of your beer.

  5. Five Star PBW Powdered Brewery Wash - 1 lb.
    This buffered alkaline cleaner is a safer and greener choice for cleaning all of your homebrew equipment. Because of its unique formulation, it is safe on skin, and will not harm stainless steel or soft metals and plastics. It uses active oxygen to penetrate carbon or protein soils and is not effected by hard water. It is an excellent choice as a soak cleaner because it does not require excessive heat like most caustic based cleaners.

  6. Double Bubble Airlock
    This s-shaped airlock with dust cap features bubbling that allows you to monitor the progress of your fermentation, showing the difference between the inside air pressure and outside air pressure. When filled with fluid, a closed system is created that allows CO2 to escape but prevents air or impurities from contaminating your beer. The design helps prevent the liquid in the airlock from sucking back into the fermenter.

  7. 6.5 Gallon Bucket
    Made of durable, easy-to-clean lightweight food-grade plastic, this fermenting bucket is a versatile must-have that can be used for many home beer making purposes.

  8. 5.5 Gallon Wide Mouth Glass Carboy
    Brew a 5 gallon batch of beer in this wide mouth glass carboy, which comes with a plastic lid that provides an airtight seal and features a removable cap that can be replaced with an airlock to release pressure during fermentation. The smooth glass construction does not scratch easily, making it less likely to harbor bacteria or odors, and the wide opening allows you to easily reach all the way inside of the jar for thorough cleaning. The carboy includes strong nylon straps that allow you to safely move it from place to place.*

  9. 32 Qt. Stainless Steel Brewing Pot with Lid
    This brew pot is made of sturdy, easy-to-clean stainless steel, with large loop handles for easy lifting and carrying. It features graduated markings to indicate volume, and includes a matching lid.

  10. 6.5 Gallon Bucket Lid - Drilled & Grommeted
    This durable lid fits tightly on the 6.5 gallon bucket. It is made of easy to clean food-grade plastic, and has been drilled and grommeted for use with an airlock or blow-off valve.

  11. 1/2" Clamp for Auto-Siphon
    Simply snap this clamp onto your Auto Siphon and slide it down on your bucket or carboy, and your Auto Siphon will be held securely above the sediment, allowing you to use it hands-free and worry-free.

  12. 5 Feet of 3/8" Inch I.D. Clear Thermoplastic Super Vinyl Beer Line
    This brewery approved beverage hose remains flexible and durable at recommended temperature and pressures. It will not rot, swell, or dry out, and is unaffected by normal cleaning compounds.

  13. Nylon Hop Bag 8" x 9 1/4"
    Unlike disposable muslin bags, this 8" wide by 9 1/4" tall fine nylon mesh bag is reusable and easy to clean and sanitize, making it an economical addition to your homebrew equipment.

  14. Adhesive Fermenting Thermometer
    This self-adhesive liquid crystal display thermometer is made of water-resistant mylar, and is more sanitary than immersion thermometers. It has a temperature range of 36 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit with temperature indicators every 2 degrees, and is accurate to 1 degree. It features helpful suggested ranges for the fermentation of both ales and lagers.

Disclaimer - These carboys are made of glass and should be handled with extreme care. We have been able to use both hot and cold liquids in them, but they are not impervious to thermal shock and can shatter when exposed to large, sudden changes in temperature. Use caution.

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