BSG De-Gassing Agitator Rod - 22" Stainless Steel

Model: 5263
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  • This Stainless Steel De-gassing Rod fits any electric drill to effortlessly mix and degas wine and stir beer
  • Mount the rod on an electric hand drill to mix must, de-gas wine, or agitate lees in wine
  • A perfect tool for aerating wort for brewing beer without having to stir by hand
  • Degas your wine in less than 2 minutes
  • Stir and degas large volumes of liquids with power and ease

The 5263 Stainless Steel De-gassing Rod is exceptionally designed to mix and degas wine and stir beer. Simply attach the degasser to any electric drill to mix and stir with power (For best results, use a variable speed drill with a reverse setting). The 22" long stainless rod is complete with two replaceable folding plastic blades. The blades fold down to fit into narrow carboy necks and work like a turbine for maximum mixing efficiency. An end cap on the rod prevents damage to the carboy, making this model safe to use on glass and PET carboys.

Simpler and stronger than stirring by hand, this rod is the perfect tool with many unique uses. Easily mix and degas wine in 2 minutes. Stir beer, aerate wort, mix must, agitate lees, and even degas mead in a fraction of the time it takes to stir with a spoon. The time you save will speed up the brewing process and increase overall brewing efficiency no matter what you're brewing.

When aerating wort, let the wort cool below 180 degrees to avoid damage to the plastic blades. Use a drilled carboy bung with the rod to prevent liquid from splashing out the top of the carboy while mixing.

  • 22" Stainless Steel Rod
  • Plastic Fins
  • End Cap prevents damage to your carboy
  • Attaches to any size Electric Drill
  • For liquids under 180 degrees F
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