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LD Carlson

3" Stainless Steel Hop Steeper with Chain

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This 3" stainless steel hop steeper with chain is a mesh ball that contains hops while releasing important acids and oils into the beer. The mesh is fine enough to hold back most small particles but still lets through all the flavors and aromas from your hops or spices. This steeper makes using leaf hops and spices during the boil easy and hassle free. Mesh ball is large enough to fit an ounce or two of hops or spices.

For dry hopping in a keg, the Steeper maintains beer clarity and prevents dip tubes and poppets from being clogged by hop matter. The steeper comes equipped with a chain for easy retrieval from your brew kettle or keg. Hop steeper is great for dry hopping in kegs and buckets but will not fit into a carboy.

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