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7.5 Gallon Brew Kettle

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Anvil Brewing Equipment's 7.5 gallon brew kettle is perfect for doing full wort boils for 5 gallon batches. It can also work great as a hot liquor tank, and with the optional false bottom can even be used as a mash tun for 5 gallon batches! As a mash tun, due to its size, you would be limited to smaller gravity beers.

The kettle is graduated with internal etchings that show measurements in both gallons and liters, ensuring accurate measurements every time. This rugged kettle is constructed from high quality materials and designed for a lifetime of demanding use. Includes induction ready clad bottom, etched level graduations, thermometer, valve, and dip tube.

Home Brew Configuration. Home Brew Configuration.

The Anvil line of products, is a premier line of brewing equipment, designed and built by the geniuses at Blichmann Engineering, with help and inspiration from John Palmer! The entire suite of products work in unison to provide a perfect brewing experience from day one, and at a great value to you the homebrewer. You can rest comfortably knowing that Anvil equipment is backed by two of the biggest names in the homebrew industry.


  • Kettle Dimensions: Height-14" | Diameter-12 3/4"
  • Temp Probe Minimum Depth: 3.1 gallons
  • Heavy 18 gauge stainless steel with reinforced lip for durability and easy cleaning
  • Induction capable tri-ply clad bottom
  • Internal etched level graduations in gal and liters for accurate measurements
  • A dual scale F/C thermometer - included standard
  • Comfortable, strong, easy carry handles installed without unsanitary rivets
  • Lid rests on kettle handle
  • Ideal 1.2-1 height to diameter ratio
  • Purpose built stainless steel ball valve with integral bulkhead seal is rock solid, easy to disassemble for cleaning, and will never leak
  • Dip tube drains to within 3/8" of the bottom of the kettle
  • Dimensions- Height-11 5/8" Diameter-12"
  • Thermometer probe height is 5 3/4" from bottom of the kettle. 3 Gallons are needed to cover
  • A boil kettle strainer for hop and trub filtration is also sold separately
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7.5 Gallon Brew Kettle Reviews

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Great Kettle - Watch the heat
by:Dan (04-12-2017)
Comments:I love this kettle. Large enough to use a full boil without having to add more water later.

Use a heat shield to protect the thermometer and spigot. I fogged my thermometer on first use.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
What is the size of the thread coming from the valve output?
by Geo on May 30, 2020
The thread size for both holes on the front will be 1/2" NPT.
by Dakota on August 17, 2020
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