G2 Linear Flow Valve Whirlpool Kit

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The Blichmann Whirlpool Kit is designed to achieve that perfect whirlpool in your kettle. With the G2 Linear Flow Valve, you can easily tune your flow rate for sparging, lautering, and chilling, allowing you to increase the repeat ability of your system. This valve is designed in a 90 degree angle and can be oriented at any angle to eliminate the extra elbows and other fittings for a clean, kink-free, simple routing. Unlike other valves, the G2 valve disassembles in seconds for quick and easy cleaning. With its cool-touch silicone grip, this makes handling under fire easy and can handle temperatures up to 600°F without melting like the vinyl grips on ball values do. The G2 linear flow valve is one of the many features tailored specifically for homebrewers.


  • Linear flow valve
  • Bulk head fitting
  • Whirlpool tube
  • Shaft Collar
  • O-ring and Allen wrench
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