Sanitary Butterfly Valve Whirlpool Kit

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The Blichmann Whirlpool Kit is designed to achieve a perfect whirlpool in your kettle. This 1.5" Sanitary Butterfly Valve offers great durability and ease of use for a wide range of services. It has an astonishing stainless steel finish and its lightweight design means less support is required. The easy-to-operate flip-type and pull-type handles on the Sanitary Butterfly Valve can withstand higher operating torque while offering adjustable resistance for a quick on and off flow. Its direction in the streamline flows consistently with no material accumulation.


  • 1.5" Butterfly valve
  • Bulk head fitting
  • Whirlpool tube
  • Shaft Collar
  • Tri Clamps
  • O-ring and Allen wrench
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