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1 Micron Beverage Filter - 10"

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These highly efficient, 1 micron, cartridge filters are an easy to use and effective filtration media. Pleated cartridge filters are great for filtering yeast of of beer during the home-brewing process. The pleated filter media combined with a high surface area removes particles as small as 1um in diameter. Filters are a perfect match for a 10" filter housing canister. Use for beer, wine or any beverage needing filtering.

1 Micron Filters should be used for a final, ultra-clear polish. Use only when beer or wine is already very well settled. Excessive yeast or sediments in solution will quickly clog up a 1 micron cartridge. Product that is cloudy in appearance from anything other than a protein haze should be run through a 3 or even 5 micron prior to 1 micron filtering. In many cases the single coarser filtration will be all you need.

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