MicroMatic Surface Mount Drip Trays

Surface mount drip trays are the easiest to install. Only one hole is required through the countertop for the drain line. The drip tray is secured with a nut and washer attached to the drain pipe.

MicroMatic offers an outstanding collection of durable drip trays ready for a variety of installations. Determine the style and finish of drip tray to fit your needs and order today for fast delivery. These reliable drip trays are constructed of durable stainless steel for lasting value. Always check with local health department regulations for proper drain connections.

MicroMatic 45" Stainless Steel Surface Mount Drain Tray, with DrainModel: DP-120D-45


SAVE 30% - $110.00
MicroMatic 45"L x 5"W S/S & PVD Brass Tray w/ DrainModel: DP-120DSSPVD-45


SAVE 30% - $130.40
MicroMatic 30"L x 8"W Stainless Steel Drip Tray with DrainModel: DP-820D-30


SAVE 30% - $129.20
Surface Mount - 3
MicroMatic Surface Mount - 3" Column Cut-Out - PVD Brass Grill/SS Tray w/DrainModel: DP-920DSSPVD


SAVE 30% - $136.00
Surface Mount - 3
MicroMatic Surface Mount - 3" Column Cut-Out - PVD Brass/SS Tray, No DrainModel: DP-920SSPVD


SAVE 30% - $159.60
MicroMatic 24" Surface Mount - 7-7/8" Cut-Out - SS/PVD Brass w/DrainModel: DP-630DSSPVD-24E


SAVE 30% - $204.00
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