MicroMatic Replacement Keg Beer Regulator Gauges

Replace your damaged regulator gauge today with one of these MicroMatic high and low pressure guages; be sure to focus on the direction of threading - do you need left-hand threading or right-hand?

High Pressure Replacement Gauge - Left Hand Thread
MicroMatic High Pressure Replacement Gauge - Left Hand ThreadModel: 3450007-R


SAVE 25% - $5.83
0-120 lb High-Pressure Regulator Gauge
MicroMatic 0-120 lb High-Pressure Regulator GaugeModel: 3450120


SAVE 25% - $6.00
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MicroMatic has leveraged their 50+ years of experience in the brewing industry to develop a unique range of products for home brewers and draft beer enthusiasts. From keg couplers and beer faucets to kits and chemicals, MicroMatic has a wide range of products to ensure the integrity of your beer from fill to transport to dispense.


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