MicroMatic Shank Parts & Accessories

Our selection of high-quality MicroMatic shank parts includes coupling nuts, shank flanges, lock nuts, and lock washers made of materials like brass, black plastic, and stainless steel.

Beer Shank Sleeve
MicroMatic Beer Shank Sleeve for Micromatic ShanksModel: 4330


SAVE 25% - $1.50
Beer Shank Coupling Nut
MicroMatic Beer Shank Coupling Nut - BrassModel: 4332BR


SAVE 25% - $1.65
Beer Shank Wall Flange
MicroMatic Black Plastic Shank FlangeModel: 4346P


SAVE 25% - $2.00
Beer Shank Wall Flange
MicroMatic Stainless Steel Shank FlangeModel: 4346F


SAVE 25% - $2.50
Beer Shank Lock Nut
MicroMatic Beer Shank Lock NutModel: 610B


SAVE 25% - $2.41
Locking Shank Flange
MicroMatic Locking Shank FlangeModel: MP-065


SAVE 25% - $11.50
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MicroMatic has leveraged their 50+ years of experience in the brewing industry to develop a unique range of products for home brewers and draft beer enthusiasts. From keg couplers and beer faucets to kits and chemicals, MicroMatic has a wide range of products to ensure the integrity of your beer from fill to transport to dispense.


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