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Ice O-Matic

Water Filtration System - Single Filter

Regular Price: $298.75
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ICE O-matic water filtration systems are designed for virtually ice making system, offering 3 functions in one filter: taste and odor elimination, sediment removal and scale protection. Activated carbon removes unpleasant tastes and odors, while sediment removal eliminates clogging and reduces down time. Scale protection maintains consistent ice production by removing scale build-up in your ice maker.

All manifold filter systems mount to walls, taking up a minimal of space. Dimensions: 6"W x 4"D x 15"H. Weight: 4 lbs.

Purchase an ICE-O-Matic 3-in-1 water filter with your new ICE-O-Matic Cube ICE Machine, replace the filter every 6 months and the evaporator warranty is extended to 7-year parts and labor.


Ice O-matic Cuber
Ice O-matic Flaker
Recommended Water Filter
ICEU060, 150, 220, 300
ICE0250, 0300, 320
ICE0400, 500, 0520
EMF350, 450
EF250, 450
IFQ1 - Single-Manifold Cartridge Filter System
ICE0606, 0806, 1006EMF800, EF800IF2 - Single-Manifold cartridge Filter System
ICE1406, 1506, 1806EMF1106IF3 - Single-Manifold cartridge Filter System
ICE2106EMF2306IF4 - Single-Manifold cartridge Filter System

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