Aging Your Wine With A Wine Cellar

With their large volume capacities and perfect enviromental attributes, wine cellars are quite simply the perfect enviroment for storing and aging your wine. Offering ideal temperature and humidity combined with a dark, still, and quiet space, wine cellars will not only protect your fine wines, but will age them in such a manor as to bring out your wine's true aroma, flavor and body.


Wine Cellars = Perfect Storage Temperatures

Wine cellars produce the ideal temperature of 55° Fahrenheit for aging wine. While any temperature range between 50°F to 59°F will effectively store wine, 55°F is the gold standard for aging wine. Wine cellars are specifically designed to create these temperatures day in and day out, no matter what heat wave or blizzard may be affecting the environment around you. Temperature in a wine cellar never fluctuates out of proper aging range and most importantly never fluctuates rapidly which runs the risk of exposing your fine wine to the harmful effects of oxygen.

Transtherm Temperature Regulation System


Wine Cellars = Ideal Humidity

Perhaps the most important element so efficiently created in free-standing wine cellars is their ability to maintain the proper humidity for aging wine at all times. For long-term storage, it is absolutely essential wine is kept at 70% humidity. While a humidity range of 50 - 80 % will not harm your wine in the short term, 70% is necessary for long-term aging. If you are debating between purchasing a wine refrigerator or a wine cellar, humidity is one key factory to consider. Wine refrigerators and wine coolers do not regulate humidity. This makes them ideal for shorter term storage up to two years or so, but for those interested in truly aging, protecting and experiencing the delicacies that may evolve in a young and highly tannic wine, then a wine cellar is for you. This is due to the fact the right humidity keeps the cork from drying out, ensuring your wine is safely sealed and immune to the harmful effects of oxygen.


Eurotech Wine CellarWine Cellars = Exquisite Stillness

Wine cellars provide a total sanctuary for your wine. From temperature to humidity to a completely still environment, there is no better resting place for an aging cabernet. Vibrations, loud noises and even just moving wine bottles often can be extremely detrimental to aging wine, as movement disturbs sediment which will negatively impact your wines developing flavor potential.


Wine Cellars = Optimum Darkness

Light is an enemy of wine. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light will prematurely age your wine. While bottles offer some protection to the harmful effects of light, it is not enough especially over prolonged periods of time. For this reason, wine cellars are usually environments of total darkness or are outfitted with lighting that is less harmful to wine such as incandescent or sodium vapor. For long term aging, wine cellars offer the best protection against light and will insure your wine's aromas and flavors are safe.


Wine Cellars = Essential Ventilation

Good ventilation is essential in aging your wine long term. You want your wine to be in an airy environment free of smells that may contaminate the cork and then the wine. Wine cellars provide essential ventilation and will protect your wine from potentially musty odors.


Wine Cellars = Proper Wine Storage Angles

One of the most important things you can do for your wine is to age it horizontally so that the cork is in constant contact with the wine. This helps insure the seal around the cork and keep the cork from drying out. Free-standing wine cellars are perfectly equipped with the necessary racking systems to achieve just this.


Transtherm Wine CellarWine Cellars = Convenience

Wine cellars, like wine refrigerators, offer collectors, aficionados and hobbyist the often overlooked but extremely important factor of convenience. Free-standing wine cellars will fit in your home for you to access whenever you like. Whereas storing your wine with a Wine Store or Wine Cellaring service will leave you with the added responsibility of planning ahead for bottles of wine or not being able to access a favorite bottle on a whim, keeping a wine cellar in your home means you can enjoy your favorite vintages where you want them and when you want them.


Wine Cellars = Excellent Long Term Aging and Storing Conditions

Wine Cellars are quite simply the best option for long term wine storage and aging. If you have invested money into premium wines or even wines just over $20 that you plan on keeping around for a good 5, 10 or 15 years, then a wine cellar is for you. Between optimal temperature, humidity, light and space, wine cellars will enhance the character and body of aging wines, bringing out the wine's true subtle yet powerful nuances. To learn more about aging wine, click here.


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