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47" Wide FlexCount Series 112 Bottle Dual Zone Black Side-by-Side Wine Coolers Reviews

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Product Reviews

Product Reviews

47" Wide FlexCount Series 112 Bottle Dual Zone Black Side-by-Side Wine Coolers Reviews

Average Customer Rating:
(based on 47 reviews) 
Very nice unit
by:Burning Man (06-14-2019)
Green Bay, WI
Comments:Nice looking. I like the shelves - they even work nicely for champagne and pinot. The space was a little tight were I planned to put the units side-by-side, so I put the 2 units in different places.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Excellent product
by:Dr J (03-25-2019)
Largo, Fl
Comments:Quiet, and holds many different size bottles
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Very Nice Wine Refrigerator
by:Connie (02-15-2019)
Canton, Ohio
Comments:This is a very nice looking wine refrigerator. It\'s working very well so far. Everything went well from ordering, to delivery. The only thing I would change is being able to see the digital temperature on the front.
We are happy with it so far!!!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
A good looking unit
by:Jerry (12-11-2018)
Anacortes, WA
Comments:Unit is well made and the shelving appears to be user friendly with full pull-out shelves and good bottle conforming racks. Bought a single zone system to minimize operational issues keeping two zones at different temps. This should minimize temp fluctuations which seems to be a problem with dual zone equipment. Having a choice of two handle styles is a bonus and the packaging was exceptional, with thick Styrofoam and cardboard to protect the shipment. Looking forward to getting some good wine into the unit.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Impressive Wine Refrigerator
by:Adam (11-09-2018)
South Texas
Comments:I have had this refrigerator for a few weeks now. I really like the shelf design and the quality of the drawer slides. The drawers feel sturdy even when fully extended and storing wine. The unit is also quieter than a standard refrigerator when running with no noticeable vibration.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Recommend! A Perfect Low-Profile Set
by:FJG (10-20-2018)
Las Vegas, NV
Comments:I upgraded from a basic Frigidaire 50-bottle model from a warehouse store, and although this was a bit more in price, I'm VERY happy with the result. I wanted something low-profile that holds about 100 bottles, with a refined look, that fits multiple size bottles, and that allows me to browse easily through my selection (via smooth roll-out shelves). My old model was crammed, bottles scraped in/out, and the shelves didn't really slide, so it was a pain to stock it or browse through what I had. This new model is wonderful!

I like that the side-by-side gives big capacity, but doesn't tower in my great room. I'm able to place things on top of this (cigar box, wine opener, decor) and it's not too ominously obtrusive in the room. I used the "towel-bar" door handles (it comes with two styles, and you can choose), and they look classy. Also, mine is black in color with wooden shelves -- it goes great with a Tuscan room theme and does not stand out too much.

I can easily fit all types of bottles (tall riesling, wide pinot, regular bordeaux) on the shelves without trouble sliding in/out. For a few odd sizes (champagne), I use the big bottom shelves. Most bottles stack 11/per shelf, but some rare ones require different spacing side-to-side. Overall, no complaints.

The shelves slide in/out easily, and it's a pleasure to browse for a night's selection of wine. I set one side cooler at 55 (white & light reds) and the other side warmer at 60 (bold reds). The fan airflow keeps the shelves fairly uniform in temp.

Minor issues:
- The inner "airflow" fan is very quiet, but the "cooling" fan is a bit more noticeable. Not obnoxious, but it's noticeable in the room. Once stocked and the wine is cooled (after a few days), it does not seem to kick on very often.
- I notice a smell when I open the doors. I think it's from the wooden shelf finish treatment, and I expect it will go away. It was very strong the first few days, but I put a box of baking soda and a charcoal odor absorber bag in the back of each fridge and it seems to be diminishing. Maybe I should have left it open and unplugged for a few days before use?
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Excellent product and service
by:Lucy (09-28-2018)
Houston, TX
Comments:I've only had this for a week, but I already love it more than any other wine cooler I've owned. The shelves are wonderful and fit all of my larger than Bordeaux bottles. I can get 8-9 bottles on each shelf, and have 53 bottles (including an entire shelf of Pinots) in it already. I have room for another bottle or two, so capacity-wise it does what it says. Well designed and looks great in my space. Assuming it holds up, I will definitely consider buying a second. Customer service from Beverage Factory and from the delivery company (I added the White Glove delivery) were both top notch. Very happy customer.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
So far so good
by:Rick (09-20-2018)
Alexandria, Virginia
Comments:I've had this wine fridge for about 2 weeks and it seems to be doing just fine. Easy to set up and holds temperature pretty well. Its also very quiet.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Best wine refrigerator
by:Jeannie (07-24-2018)
Arroyo Grande, CA
Comments:This dual frig was delivered quickly, easy to set up and beautiful! The drawers slide so easily. I have had 4 wine refrigerators.....all the high end brands. This one cools separately and is so easy to find the bottle I want!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Nice fridge
by:Tob (07-04-2018)
Comments:We only have this fridge since 2 weeks but so far it is very nice. I was always concerned about the noise these fridges make but so far it is very quiet. Let's hope it lasts.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Great Wine Refigerator
by:Chuck (06-06-2018)
Bettendorf, IA.
Comments:I have had this unit 3 weeks and am very pleased with it. My past history with wine refrigerators from different companies has not been good- the primary issue with them has been their inability to hold a constant set temperature. This Allavino unit has done a very good job of holding a tight temperature. I put a wireless thermometer in it that tracks current, high, and low temperature. Once it settled in after the first day the range of high & low has been just 2 deg.F. The unit is quiet and the shelf layout is very good.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
I searched a long time for this!
by:Mary (04-06-2018)
Reston, VA
Comments:I haven't had this refrigerator very long but so far, so good ... it certainly lives up to ad claims. Not noisy at all. Definitely can hold the 56 bottles. Shelves are sturdy and take a little effort to pull out/push back in - that's a good thing (no bottles will come flying out). Temp so far is a little off but consistently 2 degrees warmer than setting; easy to accommodate. I am using it as a built-in, undercounter unit which may account for it not being as noisy as some have claimed (about earlier models anyway) - altogether, a very nice unit that will fit into any style kitchen/bar area. Comes with two handles - to match with most other appliance styles.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
It\'s beautiful and functional
by:lynne (03-22-2018)
oro valley, az
Comments:Flexible storage in a beautiful unit, and very quiet.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Impressed so far...
by:Andy (12-26-2017)
Knoxville, TN
Comments:I bought two of these, one with a right hinge and one with a left. These are very attractive units, and appear very well built. We had a long delay on receiving the second unit, and it came with a small dent in the back, but Beverage Factory's customer service department successfully and promptly addressed the issue. They came with a choice of two handles for the door, both of which are stylish and sturdy. They do seem a bit noisy but we don't have the granite countertop in place as of yet, which will likely eliminate most of the noise we hear. I feel like I made a good purchase with these units, and that I chose a good vendor in Beverage Factory.

I'll try to remember to come back to give an update to this review in six months or a year.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Happy customer
by:Ed (12-17-2017)
Carlsbad CA
Comments:Quick shipment and delivery. Packaging was well done, units arrived undamaged. Units look very nice. Followed startup instructions and loaded units, reds in one whites in the other. Units hold pinot and larger Chard bottles well. Shelves operate nicely Temperatures have held within a few degrees of settings for each unit. It would be nice if the units were a little quieter, but not bad for compressor units with fans. So far I'm happy with this purchase.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Major Upgrade From Prior Wine Cooler
by:Ron (12-14-2017)
Benicia, CA
Comments:For the last five years we've had a very nice wine refrigerator from a very reputable company. It was a dual zone unit but we rarely used it for more than over all cooling of wine for storage until we pulled one for drinking. But my main complaint with it was that the metal shelves more often caused the bottles to scrape against the row above it and that made it hard to manage the inventory on a day to day basis. Well, these units represent a HUGE improvement in user experience from this perspective.

I bought the matched pair looking to quadruple my storage capacity, build them into a new wine cabinet counter in my den and create a visually attractive installation. So far these units have exceeded all my expectations.

The refrigerators came on two individual pallets, delivered to my garage. I unpacked and inspected them carefully based on several negative comments on the main web site about receiving damaged or dented units. In my case, they were flawless and seemed to be very well protected against such damage. I then installed them into my new cabinet based on the instructions included. After letting them come to the desired temp I began the fun part... loading them with my wine selections.

I had about 60 bottles on hand to place onto the shelves. I just have to say that this was in incredibly enjoyable process because of the quality and flexibility of the shelves themselves. They pull out to full extension like a high quality drawer and I never found a bottle that made contact with any other shelf. If the bottle was unusually big or long, I found a place somewhere on the bottom or on one side of a shelf where it could easily fit. I cannot express how awesome it is to finally be able to just grab a shelf loaded with 9 bottles of Cabernet, for example, and simple browse the labels until I make a selection, lift it out of it's place and push the shelf into the refrigerator again.

These units are very attractive when built in, and very quiet in my den/office. I'd order another one with no hesitation. I can't really comment on the long term reliability or accuracy of the cooling at this point, but out of the box they are running great and every function seems to work flawlessly. So my assessment is focused more on user experience than long term operational excellence. But I am very happy so far and expect to enjoy them for many years to come.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
2nd purchase better than the 1st!
by:Jeff (11-15-2017)
Glen Allen, VA
Comments:We sold our house with the 1st set that we bought. Built our new house and our 1st purchase was the side by side Series 112. Excellent shipping and installations. Zero issues same as the 1st time. Would recommend to everyone.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Great product
by:Petra (11-10-2017)
Falls Church, VA
Comments:Having it running now for 5 weeks. Very happy with it.
The one we replaced had not drawers only shelves. Now I know what I had missed. That upgrade is really the very most important thing to me.
Only odd thing is the light. Superfluous. Lights up the most upper drawer only. But it can not help you to know/read what's in there any way. For that you need to pull it out. Good thing - there is a button to turn that eery blue light off.
So, thats what makes the cooler not quiet perfect.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
As expected
by:Exseedman (09-24-2017)
Surprise, AZ
Comments:We were patient and let it rest for a while before installing. It takes a day or so to get the wine at temperature. It now holds a steady temp and is very quiet. Our only complaint is the amount of time that it took to arrive. It sat at the truck loading dock for a week before they brought it.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Nice Product
by:Ken (09-13-2017)
Arlington, VA
Comments:Well-built, tightly sealed, and dead quiet in operation. Refrigerator was shipped securely as well. Shelves operate smoothly even when loaded with heavy bottles. Irregular size bottles will reduce the capacity, but that was expected.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Is As Described
by:Dawn (08-26-2017)
Placerville, CA
Comments:The positives: looks good and seems to be working fine. We use it for wine and water and the temperature holds where we set it. There are two negatives for me. It is louder than the cooler we replaced, but not too bad. Also we had some difficulty installing the door as the washers were a little too small so one slipped into the hole. I liked that it came with two different handles so I could choose the one most like my other appliances.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Solid Wine Refridgerator
by:Sarah (07-25-2017)
San Jose, CA
Comments:It arrived well packaged and in good condition. I didn't pay for white glove, so it was a heavy beast to move to its spot, but it got there with two people. The racks don't hold as much as advertised, but that's not unusual. So far it's working well, not too noisy. It's only been a month, but so far so good.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
After four days--Happy
by:PDXMary (06-27-2017)
Portland, Oregon
Comments:I have only had the unit(s) for four days, but am reasonably pleased. It does well with standard Chardonnay and Pinot Noir bottles, however the wines I have in non standard bottles are a tight squeeze. If I put the labels to the side, they don't scrape off when pulling out the shelves. Not much noise at all. I thought I had ordered the all glass doors, but the stainless steel works fine with the location I ended up using, and handles (2 styles included) match the handles on my kitchen appliances. Can't report yet on temp maintenance. I followed directions on set up and then added several bottles at a time. I love the fact that the depth is only 23". Most I looked at were 27"+.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Great wine storage
by:Don (05-21-2017)
Comments:This unit is attractive and effective it seems to hold a steady temp after it gets everything to temp, which takes a few days when fully loaded.
I can fit 9 bottles of everything on each shelf except champagne and one brand that is a very large red to fit the bottles I had of that I just spaced the out a couple to a shelf ( these bottles are very tall with a short neck )
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
A GREAT unit!!
by:Wino Dave (05-04-2017)
Lake Havasu City, AZ
Comments:After talking with a company sales person...
Simple to buy with a few clicks
Delivery was smooth
Install was easy - specs were accurate
Temp readout will fluctuate - making you wonder...
Forget it - just wait - it's settling in...
In a few days, it's PERFECT!
I love it!!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Quiet Shelves are great
by:Delta NBG (04-25-2017)
Lodi wine contry
Comments:I bought a larger one a couple years ago and am extremely happy The unit is very quiet I have them in an enclosure off the kitchen. The shelves roll out easily and the ability to arrange bottles is a great plus
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Outstanding cooler
by:Soonercain (04-25-2017)
Kerrville, TX
Comments:I use the cooler only for red wine. It holds the 56 bottles just like advertised. It keeps the temperature very clise to the setting. Easy too set uo and I have had no issues. Some bottles are longer at the neck and they fit well in the bottom tray.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
My First Wine Cooler
by:Larry (03-13-2017)
Fresno, ca
Comments:Looked at many web sites before landing on and decicding to purchase this unit. It arrived in perfect condition, was easy to setup an cooled down within minutes. Noise level is very low which is a big plus. Started loading in my wines and didn't realize how many different shapes and sizes of bottles I have, they all fit nicely onto the easy to roll in and out shelves. Looks great as a stand alone but can't wait to get my cabinet it will fit into. The five ranking does not judge the delivery company, was to be delivered, was then told Thursday an it arrived on Friday. Driver was great and took the pallet and trash away which was appreciative.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
by:Brian (03-03-2017)
Tracy, CA
Comments:For an appliance, the appearance is satisfactory. It appears to be constructed well. I did have to adjust the door because it was mounted crooked. It is certainly not quite when the compressor is running, but that is usually only for a couple of minutes every couple hours. The sound is not objectionable, and after all it does have a compressor so it should be expected to make noise. The temp setting always seems to be off a couple of degrees, but the thermostat reads accurately. Disappointingly, the unit does not accommodate different sized bottles well, but I purposely choose one that holds more than I need it to because I knew this might be an issue. I like the shelf design. Overall, I am satisfied with the wine fridge and would recommend it. In terms of longevity, I hope it lasts. At the time of this review, I have only had it in service for a few weeks.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
new wine cooler
by:19 hole (02-25-2017)
Scottsdale, AZ
Comments:Went from a 150 bottles to this 56 bottle. I have to drink 50 bottles before summer. Delivery was great, not a scratch, great delivery company. The cooler is only a week old so I'll tell you more in a year from now.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
So Far so Good
by:pattycake (02-24-2017)
Comments:The unit came packaged well. The drawers slide smoothly. It is staying cool and so far, it is not loud at all. Hoping this brand outlasts my previous big box purchase and keeps the wine chilled without a 10 min trip to the freezer before serving!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
I would buy this product again
by:Eric (01-03-2017)
Dallas Texas
Comments:Very nice wine cooler. Shelves pull all the way out to have access to bottles in the back. Ordering was easy and delivery processes was on-time.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Nice Unit
by:Tim (11-14-2016)
Comments:This is a good looking unit that has flexible shelving and that runs much quieter than my previous cooler. The thermostat does not appear to be super-sharp accurate, but that is fairly common with these smaller coolers. Overall, this is going to meet my needs very well.

One caveat: the delivery company used by Beverage Factory had horrible customer service. The BF people were great, but the delivery company people were decidedly not great, most especially the condescending individual in the delivery company's SAN Diego office who never returned my call after assuring me that he would.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
good overall
by:steve (10-25-2016)
Comments:Transaction went smoothly and fridge arrived unscathed. Plugged it in and still working. Looks good, and seems to be very sturdy, with nice roller extension shelves. Now the downsides: There's a strange smell which won't go away. Not sure what it is, but leaving the door open for weeks or cleaning it does no good. Temperature is consistently 2 degrees warmer than is set. Bottle capacity is "iffy" and very cramped - depends entirely on the bottle shape. If the shoulder is too high and neck too short, you cannot sit two bottles neck-to-neck, which cuts the shelf capacity in half. Has to be long, slender bottles or low shoulder.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Great Wine Cooler!
by:Lori (07-21-2016)
Comments:The wine cooler arrived on time. I unwrapped it and put on the curved handle because it matches my other appliances. I realy liked the fact they sent 2 different styles of handles! Then I let it sit 2 days before plugging it in. When I plugged it in it reached the temperature, I set it to for red wine, in 15 minutes! Then I put my wine in. It's very quiet compared to the Danby I had previously. It is built with very good quality, has smooth, ball-bearing type roll-out shelves and a beautiful blue light. I am very happy with my sales associate at the Beverage Factory and also customer service. Thank you so much!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Perfect wine frig for our kitchen!
by:Joe (03-03-2016)
Los Angeles, CA
Comments:Overall, my wife and I love our new wine fridge. Mainly we were looking for something that fit a very specific space and didn't cost too much. While $1400 still seems a lot for frig that does nothing but hold wine, it's very competitively priced for frig's of the same quantity. For the side-by-side, they are two separate models. One arrived dented on the top back corner. This would have been a non-issue if it were for an under cabinet location, but since ours was to be quite visible, Beverage Factory immediately sent a replacement no questions asked. Great customer service! We've have the frig for about a week now. It looks nice and is relatively quiet. I read complaints about noise, but it's in our kitchen next to the refrigerator and doesn't make any more noise than that. I'm not a stickler about exact temperature of wine storage. I just needed a dark, cool place and this does the job. I haven't been fancy enough to actually check the temperature accuracy, but it certainly feels adequately cool for our needs. Of course, like most wine coolers, the capacity is relative to the types of bottles stored. Still, we got pretty close to the claim even with some larger sparkling and pinot bottles in there. My only complaint would be that the shelves do not pull out fully, so it's a little hard to see the bottles in the back. Otherwise, I'm happy to have this a part of my newly remodeled kitchen!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Totally Satisfied
by:Kent (01-24-2016)
Xenia, Ohio
Comments:I have ordered numerous items from the Beverage Factory including a cooling unit for a wine cellar and now this refrigerator unit. They have always been delivered, packaged, and handled professionally by competent people. I installed the units as the instructions stated and they are operating as advertise. I continually recommend the Beverage Factory interested in their products.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Totally Satisfied
by:Kent (01-24-2016)
Xenia, Ohio
Comments:I have ordered numerous items from the Beverage Factory including a cooling unit for a wine cellar and now this refrigerator unit. They have always been delivered, packaged, and handled professionally by competent people. I installed the units as the instructions stated and they are operating as advertise. I continually recommend the Beverage Factory interested in their products.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Completely Satisfied with this Product
by:Kent (01-24-2016)
Xenia, Ohio
Comments:I have ordered numerous items from the Beverage Factory including a cooling unit for a wine cellar and now this refrigerator unit. They have always been delivered, packaged, and handled professionally by competent people. I installed the units as the instructions stated and they are operating as advertise. I continually recommend the Beverage Factory interested in their products.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Our choice for capacity/price/looks
by:Nancy (12-25-2015)
Fremont, CA
Comments:We've had our Allavino FlexCouint wine frig just a few days, but so far I especially like the amount of bottles it holds and I like the price. The unit was easy to set up, it looks nice in my dining room and it is quiet. I was surprised that we received both the towel bar and curved door handles. Not sure what to do with the one we're not using. The only negative so far is the door is slightly askew along the top and bottom edges, but it does not seem to affect the gasket seal. Decided to live with it because no one else would notice.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
by:JP (12-21-2015)
San Diego, CA
Comments:Perfect purchase. The wine is at the right temp. The unit is attractive and very quiet!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Perfect for my Butler's Pantry
by:Jeff in Williamsburg (11-28-2015)
Williamsburg, VA
Comments:Bought this to install in my Butler's Pantry. I've had for about a week and it works great! You still lose a little storage capacity--especially for tall bottles but not significant. The service from Beverage Factory is also great.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
by:Dan (10-12-2015)
Prescott, AZ
Comments:I have a lot of large RHone-shaped bottles and after research found that they will not fit most coolers. With the Allavino FlexCount 56, all but the largest (3.5" diam.) Rhone bottles fit on all shelves. So I exchanged a few emails with Customer Support -- they were Extremely responsive -- and we found a way to handle even the largest bottles! This was some of the best customer support I've had from a company. Regarding sound, mine is totally silent most of the time, and when the compressor comes on for a couple of minutes, I only hear a smooth fan/air sound that is about the same volume as a refrigerator or the fan in a computer, and more like background white noise.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Love My Wine Cooler
by:Lori (10-02-2015)
Manhattan Beach
Comments:This cooler fit all my difference size bottles and I was able to put larger or a box on the bottom shelf. I love that it locks and it looks amazing. It's in my garage, but it is pretty quiet. To get the quality I wanted, I had to get a compressor. I called the store and the buy that answered really helped me to narrow down what I needed and the quality. It was delivered days later, on a crate and packaged very securely. I've learned that you get what you pay for so I didn't want to cheap out on this purchase. I unwrapped the box, removed the box and my husband picked it up and put it exactly where we wanted it. I recommend making the call if you need guidance and get it done.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Exceeded Expectations
by:Phil (03-30-2015)
Flower Mound, TX
Comments:This is our 6th wine cooler and by far the best. We have two Allavino coolers and the single zone is far superior to the double zone unit. It is extremely quiet and appears to only cycle on when needed. The shelving and the glides are the best quality we have seen for units at this price point. Take our advice - go Allavino but only go single zone.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Seems great so far
by:L. Stein (01-22-2015)
Charlotte, NC
Comments:This product arrived in good condition, looks great, is quiet and works well so far (only been plugged in a week). This is the second wine refrigerator we've owned (had to leave the last one--different brand--when we sold our house), and the things I like better about this one are 1) the shelves are much more thoughtfully engineered to accommodate different-sized bottles, and 2) it has a lock, which is important since we have a little one on the way. One thing we don't love about it is that the shelves don't pull out far enough to see which wines are on the back row. You have to pull out the wine on the front row to get to the back row and then pull those bottles out to see what they are. It's something we can live with, but it is rather inconvenient.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Very Impressed with this Refrigerator
by:MJ (09-17-2014)
Bluffton, SC
Comments:Received the unit about a week ago. It is very well made and the racks are sturdy but pull out smoothly -- especially when loaded. Different sizes and shapes of bottles are accommodated easily. The cooler is free-standing in my home office, and the occasional soft whirring of the fan is barely noticeable. Overall great product.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.