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24" Wide FlexCount Series 36 Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel Wine Refrigerator

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The all-new Allavino FlexCount Series VSWR36-2SSFN Dual-Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator is an ideal option for storing both red and white wine simultaneously. It features two stainless steel French doors that open up to reveal two distinct, individually controlled temperature zones that can be set low enough for white and sparkling wine or high enough for long term storage of your favorite red wines. The revolutionary new shelves are constructed of durable metal to provide stability and prevent sagging over time, yet they are thin enough to allow more space between the shelves than you will find in most wine refrigerators. Each shelf includes an attractive stainless steel front to match the door frame and elegant wood slats that effectively cradle your bottles and help to prevent vibration. With each zone holding up to 18 bottles, the unit boasts a total capacity of 36 standard size bottles. It's built-in, undercounter design allows it to be installed in cabinetry for a seamless look that will add functionality and style to your kitchen.

36 Bottle Capacity with 2 Cooling Zones

With up to 18 bottles in each zone, you can comfortably fit 36 bottles in a compact space. Each zone of this dual-zone wine refrigerator can be set low enough for sparkling wine or high enough for red wine; you can set both zones to the same temperature if you find you are only storing one type.

Digital Display with Blue LED Interior Lighting

Each zone has it's own digital display with easy to use push button controls so setting and reading the display is a snap! Cool blue LED lighting beautifully elegantly illuminates your bottles while remaining cooler than standard bulbs, and can be turned on or off with the push of a button.

Innovative New Shelf Design

Allavino is at the leading edge of shelf design, incorporating revolutionary metal shelves that are strong enough to hold bottles without sagging, yet thin enough to maximize the available space in the cabinet for wine storage. Wood slats refine each shelf and gently cradle each bottle to prevent harmful vibration from affecting your wine. Each shelf is finished with a stylish stainless steel front to match the door frame. Each of the shelves glide out smoothly on ball bearing tracks, so every bottle is easily accessible.

Store More Bottle Sizes

The intelligent design of the shelves creates more space between each shelf, allowing you to store bottles with varying diameters without having to remove racks which would reduce your overall capacity. Click on the Features tab above to see how your specific collection can be stored on the FlexCount shelves.

Built-In Design

This unit is front-venting, and can be built in to your cabinetry for a seamless look. It also has finished sides and top, allowing you to use it as a freestanding unit that will look great in any room of your home.

  • Bottle DimensionsBuilt-in wine cellar with up to 36 bottle capacity*
    This bottle count is an estimate based on 3" diameter standard wine bottle.
  • Important Note: To reach the stated bottle capacity, the bottles must be the size of the bottle to the right. Larger bottles will decrease the bottle capacity.
  • Two independently controlled temperature zones.
  • Black Cabinet with Stainless Steel Frame and glass doors
  • Towel Bar Handles and Curved Handles included so that you can customize the exterior of the refrigerator.
  • All black interior emulates the traditional wine cellar .
  • Roller-glide shelves extend effortlessly minimizing agitation to the wine.
  • Blue LED lighting beautifully illuminates the interior without the heat created by an incandescent bulb.
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 90°F
  • Minimum Ambient Temperature: The lowest temperature you want to store your wine at. The unit does not have a heater, so if the ambient temperature is lower than the set temperature, the internal temperature will match the external temperature.
  • Operating Temperature Range: 40-65°F
  • The handles are not attached to the unit during shipping and will need to be installed when the unit arrives
  • The doors need to be able to open 110 degrees in order for the shelves to extend without rubbing the door gasket (the door gasket can be pushed out of the way if only opened to 90 degrees)

Wine Racks

This wine cellar has 12 shelves that can hold up to 3 bottles each for a maximum bottle capacity of 36 bottles. The maximum capacity is based on the standard Bordeaux size bottle.

Standard 750 mL bottle configuration

This is the standard 750 mL bottle, which most wine refrigerators are configured around as it is the most popular size on the market. It measures 11-1/2" tall with a 2-15/16" diameter and the shoulder tapers up from 7-3/4" to 8-1/2". This wine refrigerator can easily store 3 of these bottles on each shelf for a total of 36 bottles.

Tall bottle configuration

This bottle is taller than the standard 750 mL bottle. It measures 12-1/16" tall with a 2-15/16" diameter and the shoulder tapers up from 8" to 9". The taller shoulder and top would normally wreak havoc on your wine storage because the necks would touch, making the overall length of the bottles too tall for most shelves or pushing the outside bottles out, causing them to hit the sides of the wine refrigerator. Generally, you would have to remove a shelf to accommodate these bottles, but with the extra space available on these shelves, they fit just fine and do not affect the overall capacity.

Wide Shoulder bottle configuration

This bottle has the same diameter at the base, but the shoulder is wider, which would generally push it out of the grooves and make it rub on the shelf above. It measures 11-7/8" tall with a 2-15/16" diameter at the base and the shoulder tapers up from 7-1/2" to 8-1/4" with a 3-1/16" diameter. Due to the smart spacing on these shelves, these bottles fit with room to spare, preventing rubbing and allowing the maximum bottle capacity to stay the same.

Wide bottle configuration

This bottle is wider and shorter than the standard 750 mL bottle. It measures 10-5/8" tall with a 3-1/4" diameter and the shoulder tapers up from 5-1/2" to 8". Bottles this wide don't usually fit in wine refrigerators and if they do, they have issues with rubbing on the shelf above and scuffing your labels. This wine refrigerator has no issues with this type of bottle so once again, your maximum capacity will not be affected if you have them in your collection.

Pinot bottle configuration

Pinot bottles measure 11-5/8" tall with a whopping 3-1/2" diameter and the shoulder tapers up from 5-1/2" to 8-1/4". They are too big to fit on the upper shelves, but you can still store 2 pinot bottles on each of the bottom shelves without having to remove any racks or significantly reducing your bottle capacity.

Champagne bottles

Champagne bottles are too big to fit on the upper shelves, but you can still store 2 on each of the bottom shelves. They measure 12-1/4" tall with a 3-3/4" diameter and the shoulder tapers up from 5-1/2" to 7-3/4". Most wine refrigerators this size would not be able to store any Champagne bottles without removing a shelf.

Mixed bottle configuration

Perhaps there are people out there that only drink one type of wine, all the time. Most wine connoisseurs with a diverse palate are going to have varying bottle sizes in their collection, so having the ability to store all those varying bottle sizes without having to reconfigure and reduce your storage makes this the wine refrigerator of choice.

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24" Wide FlexCount Series 36 Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel Wine Refrigerator Reviews

Average Customer Rating:
(based on 15 reviews) 
Great fridge!
by:Andrea (11-24-2018)
San antonio
Comments:So I love dual double door because my husband mainly drinks reds and I’m a huge fan of champagne. This fridge offers the best of both worlds In addition, I was going to get the one door dual zone and I decided against it because of the look. Thank goodness I picked this one because I can remove shelves on one side to fit more champagne in it without sacrificing too much. At first it was noisy but then when I put wine and champagne in, it’s totally fine.

Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Decent but too loud for my tastes
by:Cabernet Drinker (05-25-2018)
Ithaca NY
Comments:Shelving works well. Overall its a pretty good unit but for my tastes the fan noise and compressor are too loud. I have the unit over half full and it cycles every 30 minutes or so for a few minutes. Whites are at 45 and Reds are at 60. In comparison I have a Whirlpool Gold larger refrigerator 10ft away that is nearly silent. This cooler is installed in a kitchen island. Would be nice if these units were designed with acoustics in mind. Its the loudest appliance in my kitchen... can hear it over the dishwasher. Seems like everybody competing in this market is missing the mark.
Bottom Line:I would not recommend this product.
Excellent Cooler Preforms As Advertised
by:Wineo Dave (05-17-2017)
Marble Falls, TX
Comments:Unit was securely packed, strapped to a pallet and arrived without any damage to packing box or unit. Having two separately controlled temperature compartments is fantastic beating hands down coolers with one compartment for two temperatures. Choice of curved or straight handles that were included enabled matching the cooler\'s look to existing appliances. Definitely recommend this company and product.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Love My Allavino!
by:Rosanne (07-08-2016)
Carmel Valley, CA
Comments:It's Cool!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Beautiful Wine Cooler Misses the Mark
by:Eric (02-26-2016)
Rockwall, TX
Comments:Let me begin by saying Beverage Factory's customer service was great. Although it's critical you follow their procedures and processes to a key, they're fairly helpful.

The first unit I received from them had doors that were not the same height. It was completely distracting and took away from the look. After sending pictures and talking to customer service, they sent me out a new unit which I exchanged with the old one when I received same.

The delivery company that brought the second unit gave me a bit of hard time about bringing it into my house as they said this delivery was just a "drop" and didn't require them to bring it in. That being said, I went outside and cut the unit from the pallet and they agreed to bring it in.

The second unit's doors were better (albeit not perfect), but now the pilot holes for the handles that install on the doors were off. Basically one handle is slightly higher than the other. At this point, however, I agreed to keep the unit in exchange for a small credit to my account. I really just didn't want to keep sending units back to the company until they sent me a perfect unit. Perhaps it's not an exact science, but for these kinds of prices, it should at least come extremely close.

I've not installed the unit in my island yet (it's still being built), but my overall impression of its operation is not great. I should have taken to heart what the prior reviewer posted with respect to some of the issues because I too have noticed them.

First, the unit is loud. No question about it. It's louder than my refrigerator. It's probably on par with a standard dishwasher. I even made a recording of the volume and sent it to Beverage Factory to see if it's normal and they said it was. Go figure. I probably would have returned it had I not been tired of sending units back. I've owned a 16-bottle Haier free-standing unit for over 10 years and it sounds like a whisper compared to the jet engine of the Allavino.

Second, it constantly turns on and off. The insulation seems solid so I'm unsure how it loses temperature so quickly, but it does. It helped when I added more wine to the unit, but it still cycles often. I believe it cycled about 6 times an hour when it was not full and about 3 - 4 times when stocked. The good news, if there is any, is that it doesn't stay on for too long. Maybe just a minute or two.

Third, the temperature fluctuates. Rarely do both the left and right side of the unit share the same temperature even though they're set to do so. With today's technology I'm just baffled that this isn't more accurate. Like the other poster mentioned, there's often a 3 - 5 degree difference between set temperature and actual.

Fourth, the blue light is cool, but kind of a waste. The blue light comes from the top inside of the unit. There's not enough distance between the top of the unit and the uppermost rack thus, it's really only shining on the top wine bottles. Kind of silly.

Fifth, the racks really don't open far enough. Not only do you need to make sure the doors are completely open or risk hitting the glass, the racks don't have enough give to come out far enough. Also, some of my standard bottles of Chardonnay don't fit comfortably. Starmont, a fairly popular offering, is just too wide.

On a plus note, the unit is beautiful and stately. It's definitely a handsome appliance. And my wine does come out chilled where it needs to be. Perhaps it will be quieter when installed in my island, but as it stands, I couldn't recommend its purchase. Maybe I'm nieve in thinking I didn't have to spend $2,500 for a wine cooler to give me answers to the issues above or maybe I just got a bad unit. Time will tell.
Bottom Line:I would not recommend this product.
We unknowingly bought a small beverage fridge, 20 1/4” wide by 31 1/2” tall. Not a wine fridge. Is there a under counter wine cooler this size that would fit. Our new kitchen was built to fit the size we bought, sad to say it wasn’t an undermount. Help please
by Not beer drinkers nick name Jim on July 06, 2019
This unit is about as close as I can get to those specs.

by Dave on August 10, 2019
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