Le Cache 5200 Series 622 Bottle Wine Cellar - Classic Cherry Finish

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  • Cherry wood cabinet features Tuscan arch windows and classic cherry finish
  • Sealed seams, premium insulation, and tinted double-pane glass doors provide thermal and UV protection
  • Ultra-quiet, vibration-free CellarPro cooling system features automatic defrost and adjustable humidity control
  • Stores up to 622 bottles on all-wood racking that will not scratch bottles or tear labels like metal racking
  • LED interior lighting illuminates your collection without creating too much harmful heat

Le Cache is bringing a fresh new approach to the wine cabinet market. Building on 14 years of experience, Le Cache is now offering an improved product and service quality. All Le Cache wine cabinets will ship within 3-5 business days of payment. Each model has three colors to choose from. The Le Cache 5200 Series Wine Cellar in Classic Finish is fully loaded with solid cherry wood doors and an ultra-quiet CellarPro cooling system with digital temperature and humidity control. Le Cache has also updated the design of the cabinets to feature contemporary windows, universal cherry wood racking and top ventilation for zero setback installation.

With Tuscan arch windows and double-door styling, the Model 5200 features incredible upgrades and attention to detail together with the most bottle capacity for just about any wine bottle size.

The wood used in building and finishing your wine cabinet will determine how well the cabinet ages over time, and the window design and insulation used will determine how effective the cabinet is at preserving the conditions inside your cabinet and how hard your cooling system must work to maintain those conditions. The better your cabinet is insulated and sealed, the more years of trouble-free operation your cooling system will provide. Ask if your cabinet doors are made from solid wood or laminate; find out if the windows are made from glass or plastic; and ask what kind of insulation is used inside the cabinet walls.

Le Cache products are constructed from the finest wood, glass and insulation materials. Le Cache uses cherry wood in all their Classic Finish cabinets, with solid cherry wood doors, double-pane tinted glass windows, 1-1/2" foil-faced expanded polyisocyanurate insulation and sealed seams throughout the cabinet.

* The hinged side of each door requires 1" of additional clearance when open at 90°.

  • 622 Total (544 Racked) Bottle Capacity
    544 racked bottle capacity, 78 bulk bottle capacity, 9.0 cubic feet of bulk storage.

    Many manufacturers offer a RANGE of bottle capacities. Unfortunately, TOTAL bottle capacity is very different from RACKED bottle capacity. Make sure to find out how many bottles will be resting on racks versus how many bottles will be resting on other bottles. The distinction is important because bottles resting on bottles can break or get scratched, or labels can smudge or tear. Bottles on bottles also are much harder to access than racked bottles.

    You'll find that Le Cache breaks out their racked, bulk and total bottle capacities individually. Each racked bottle rests directly on the wood rack. The bulk storage is located at the top of the rack, where long-term storage and extra-large bottles can be carefully stacked on top of each other.

  • Universal Racking (3 3/4" Opening)
    Interlock Cherry Wood RackingFits most individual wine bottle sizes, including Burgundy and Champagne bottles.

    Many manufacturers build racks that can handle standard wine bottles, but the racks won't handle a growing number of special wine bottle sizes, such as some imported wines, Champagne bottles, etc.

    Le Cache racks are built to handle almost every size of individual bottle including Champagne bottles. Whereas standard racking typically measures 3 1/4 inches wide, Le Cache racking measures 3 3/4 inches wide throughout the cabinet.

  • Interlock Cherry Wood Racking
    Universal bottle capacity comprised of sealed cherry wood.

    Metal racks can scratch bottles and tear labels, and sometimes they can bend out of shape under the heavy weight of racked wine bottles. Try sliding a bottle in and out of a metal rack, then do the same in a wood rack. Which feels better to you?

    Le Cache all-wood racking is constructed from premium cherry wood, finished and sealed, and features the tiniest attentions to detail, including eased edges, tapered ends, precision fit, hot-glue assembly and double-sealed finish.

  • Premium Exterior: Cherry Wood Construction
    Most manufacturers build their cabinets with oak wood, which has a strong and distinctive grain even after the "factory finish." The finish generally refers to the stain color which is applied to the wood. Make sure that you're happy with oak's grain and texture before you purchase your cabinet.

    All Le Cache Classic Finish cabinets are constructed from premium cherry wood, including solid cherry wood doors. Their hand-stained Classic finish was created to highlight the beautiful grains of natural cherry wood. After staining, a clear-coat sealant is applied by hand - twice - to protect and enrich the wood finish.

  • Premium Factory Finish: Classic
  • Solid Door Construction of Cherry Wood
  • Classic Arch Window with Double-Paned Glass and UV Tinting
  • High-Performance Foil-Faced Polyisocyanurate Insulation

  • Ultra-Quiet CellarPro Cooling System
    Designed and built by the same people who bring you Le Cache, the ultra-quiet, vibration-free CellarPro includes upgraded components and new features, resulting in an advanced cooling system that outperforms the competition in every category. Each CellarPro cooling unit comes with an electronic thermostat and digital LED display, allowing you to precisely set the desired temperature inside your cabinet. In addition, the cooling system features automatic defrost to prevent ice build-up and adjustable humidity control that easily maintains the optimal humidity, up to 70% RH.

    Digital Display and Temperature Control

  • CellarPro Features Powder-Coated Dark Grey Finish
    Le Cache believes that wine bottles, not the cooling unit, should be featured in your cabinet. If you have glass windows on your doors and your cooling unit is painted a light color, make sure that you like what you see when the doors are closed.

    Le Cache wine cabinets are sold with custom cooling units from CellarPro. Each unit is powder-coated grey so that it's "hidden" inside the cabinet when the doors are closed.

  • CellarPro Cooling SystemOptional Cooling System Upgrade
    The cooling system may be upgraded to the CellarPro 1800-XT, which offers extra cooling power with slightly more noise (approximately 10 dBA higher) and is designed for larger wine cabinets, warmer environments and/or commercial applications.

  • SB/0 Technology and Top-Vent Exhaust- Zero Set Back from Wall
    Many cooling systems require at least SIX INCHES of space between the wall and the cabinet in order for the cooling system to operate properly. Even with top-vent cooling systems, many cabinets require THREE INCHES of space between the wall and the cabinet.

    Le Cache cabinets have been reengineered with SB/0 Technology so that, together with CellarPro's top-vent cooling system, the back of the cabinets can be placed right up against the wall. (You'll still need 18 inches of clearance above the cabinet!)

  • Le Cache cabinets are loaded with features, including premium cherry wood, double-pane glass windows, digital display and temperature control, top-vent cooling, universal racking, factory finish, LED light and lock(s) - all at one low price! And your cabinet is ready to ship within 3-5 business days of receiving payment of your order.

  • LED Interior Light and Security Locks

  • Five-Year Limited Warranty
    Le Cache stands behind their products, offering 5 years of coverage on the entire cooling system, including all labor and materials. If your cooling system stops functioning, Le Cache will send you a factory-refurbished replacement cooling system, and you can return your original cooling unit to them for repair AFTER you receive and replace the cooling system. That way, your wine won't go unprotected unneccesarily. Your cost is the freight to ship the the cooling system to and from the factory - Le Cache will take care of everything else.

  • 2-Year Warranty on Entire Cabinet
    For two years from the date of original delivery, your Le Cache warranty covers all parts and labor to repair or replace any part of the product which proves to be defective in materials or workmanship.


In all Le Cache upright wine cabinets, the heat generated by the CellarPro cooling unit is ventilated through the top of the wine cabinet. Consequently, there must be sufficient clearance above the cabinet for the hot air to dissipate. For Contemporary Series wine cabinets, you'll need 18 inches of clearance above the cabinet. See the table below for minimum ceiling heights. With the proper overhead clearance, the wine cabinet can be placed flush against the wall behind it.


Height (in.)
Clearance (in.)
Ceiling Height
Contemporary Series
1400 72 18 90 (7'6")
2400 82 18 100 (8'4")
3800 86 18 104 (8'8")
5200 86 18 104 (8'8")

If you don't have the minimum required ceiling height above your wine cabinet, Le Cache can solve the problem by modifying the cabinet before it is shipped so that the air intake will come from behind (instead of above) the wine cabinet. Please note that, under this scenario, you will no longer be able to place the cabinet flush against the wall. Instead, the wine cabinet will need 3-4 inches of clearance from the wall behind and at least 8-9 inches from the ceiling above the wine cabinet.

In all cases, the space above and to the sides of the wine cabinet must be unobstructed - i.e., the sides and front of the wine cabinet must be open. In addition, the wine cabinet must be placed in a space that is properly ventilated. The cabinet cannot be placed in an alcove, closet or built-in space unless an exhaust system is installed to evacuate the hot air generated by the cooling unit. In addition, access to the top of the wine cabinet is necessary to allow for periodic cleaning of the coils.

UPC: 608938596154
Net Weight510 lbs.
Key Features
Digital ControlsYes
Individual Bottle RackingYes
Exhaust DirectionTop
Interior LightLED
Security LockYes
Multiple / Dual ZonesNo
Zero Set Back From WallYes
Parts and Labor2 Years
Cooling System5 Years
Total Bottle Count622
Racked Bottle Capacity544
Bulk Bottle Capacity78
Bottle Cubicle3-3/4"
MaterialCherry Wood
Cooling System
Type / ModelCellarPro 1800-QT
Digital ThermostatYes
Temperature Display3-Digit LED Readout
Adjustable HumidityYes
Defrost SystemAutomatic
MaterialCherry Wood Veneer
Color / FinishClassic Finish
InsulationFoil-Backed Polyisocyanurate
TypeDouble-Paned Glass Door
Number of Doors2
MaterialCherry Wood
Color / FinishClassic Finish
Door HandlesStainless Bar Pulls
Tinted GlassYes
Field ReversibleNo

What's Included:

  • Inside delivery to ground floor of destination
  • Unpacking and setup in your desired location
  • Alignment of doors and adjustment of leveling feet
  • Damage insurance coverage

All of our delivery quotes are for standard shipping. Additional charges not covered include:

  • Delivery outside of the United States
  • Location-specific extraordinary delivery conditions including:
    • Stairs, over 100 ft distance from truck, or difficult access such as cul-de-sac
    • 2 movers are provided for our 1400, 2400 and 3100 cabinets, and 4 men are provided for our 3800 and 5200 cabinets. If additional men are needed, this would result in an additional charge
    • Site time longer than 30 minutes required to provide standard service
    • Location requiring small-truck access
  • Delivery appointments are scheduled with 24 hour telephone notice prior to delivery. If a customer requires a specific time slot or if a weekend delivery is required, additional charges may apply.

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