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Split System Wine Cooling System (1000 Cu.Ft. Capacity)

Model:WKSL 4000
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When our self-contained series will not meet your needs then the WKSL split design will provide the flexibility needed to create an ideal installation or deal with unusual site problems. BREEZAIRE WKSL Series cooling systems are special split systems that allow mounting of the cooling (evaporator) module in the enclosure to be cooled and the exhaust (condenser) module as far as 50 feet away. The systems are designed - when installed in a properly constructed enclosure - to provide a constant selectable temperature between 48 and 63 degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining 50 to 75 percent relative humidity.

WKSL Series systems are designed for easy installation by any, properly equipped, qualified air conditioning or refrigeration service technician. Two copper tubes connect the two modules and power is hard wired to the units using adequately sized 110 AC volt electrical source. These systems must be charged with refrigerant during installation. The WKSL series uses BREEZAIRE's rugged adjustable mechanical thermostat. Professional installation skills and equipment required.

HUMIDITY & INSTALLATION: By the nature of their operation, wine cooling units will maintain a stable humidity level, lower than the relative ambient humidity. In situations where the ambient humidity is high, the cooling unit will lower the humidity to desirable storage levels. In situations where the ambient relative humidity is very low, the desired enclosure relative humidity may not be achieved without adding moisture. To add moisture to the enclosure only use slow, natural evaporation from a small porous water container. Do not use a humidifier.

TEMPERATURE & INSTALLATION: These wine cellar cooling units are designed to cool 25 degrees less than the ambient temperature of the venting side of the unit. In some cases, improper placement or installation may cause the unit's performance to be degraded. The condensing unit must have a constant supply of fresh air, less than 85 degrees F. If the condensing unit is located in a confined area with poor ventilation, the unit will not be able to reject the heat it is removing from the enclosure and a malfunctioning unit will be suspected, even though the unit is mechanically sound. Call us to discuss your installation concerns.


  • Large, easy to read, cool green LED display
  • Accurate, easy to adjust temperature set points with continuous display of cabinet temperature.
  • Power outage protection.
  • Blocked airflow protection, which shuts down unit and protects wine in case of high temperatures caused by condenser blockage or fan failure.
  • Controls temperature by enclosure (cellar) air sensors or optional bottle probe.
Enclosure Volume1000 CF
Key Features
High Temperature AlarmYes
Electronic ControlsYes
Digital Temperature DisplayYes
Humidity ControlYes
Fancoil (Split Systems)
Weight45 lbs.
Electrical Requirements110 V / 60 Hz
Condenser (Split Systems)
Weight55 lbs.
Electrical Requirements110 V / 60 Hz
Electrical Requirements110 V / 60 Hz
PDFInstallation Instructions

Split System Wine Cooling System (1000 Cu.Ft. Capacity) Reviews

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First one lasted 9 years
by:Paul (05-05-2016)
Dallas, TX
Comments:I built my cellar in 2006 and installed the previous model/version of this split system. The compressor/condenser is not built to sit outside in the elements, so we constructed a small "dog house" to cover it. The split system lets you reject the heat from the condenser outdoors, instead of into you garage, or other living area. It took the AC guys about a half a day to install it, but it looks and works great for my cellar.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.

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