Blichmann WineEasy Fermentor - 20 Gallon

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  • 20 gallon high-quality, stainless primary fermentor that can double as a vacuum wine press
  • Using the fermentor as a wine press allows you to keep the pomace in a completely closed, air-tight system so that oxidation, contamination and mess are virtually eliminated
  • Specially designed false bottom in the fermentor features tines that support the weight and keep the false bottom from collapsing under the pressure imparted by the vacuum pump
  • Super easy cleanup consists of scooping out the dry pomace into a container and washing out the high-polish stainless steel fermentor
  • Fermentor, press, piston and carboy are all sold separately (see Features tab and Upgrade Options below for details) so that you can customize a multi-vessel system for your needs without getting redundant parts

The WineEasyTM combined fermentor and press is admittedly different than anything else on the market, but it's distinguished by the quality and performance you expect from Blichmann Engineering. It's extremely easy to use, and traditional fermenting and pressing techniques simply can't rival its results.

At the heart of the system is a high-quality, stainless primary 20 gallon fermentor. A uniquely designed false bottom located at the bottom of the fermentor allows the pomace to be separated from the wine while draining the unit. The tines on the pressure plate support the bottom of the fermentor and perforated false bottom and keep it from collapsing from the pressure imparted by the vacuum pump.

After alcoholic fermentation, the free run is drained or pumped out of the fermentor. The sliding piston assembly is then installed. The vacuum pump evacuates the carboy (or other vacuum capable vessel) and applies a vacuum under the false bottom of the WineEasyTM fermentor. This causes atmospheric pressure to push down on the sliding piston, pressing the pomace to the ideal maximum pressure of 14 PSI to avoid hard-press conditions.

Because all of this is done without transferring the pomace to a press - and in a completely closed, air-tight system - oxidation, contamination, and mess are virtually eliminated.

Cleanup is as easy as scooping out the dry pomace into a container and washing out the high-polish stainless steel fermentor.

  • Great for bulk ageing as a VCT (variable capacity tank), but NO tire to keep inflated
  • No messy transfers to a secondary fermentor.
  • Less risk of contamination and oxidation.
  • Great press efficiency.
  • Less time.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple mess-free cleanup.
  • Production of consistently superb wines.


The WineEasyTM is a truly revolutionary new process to ferment and press wine. Because the wine is pressed in the same vessel in which it is fermented, it is uniquely configured too, as the fermenting vat is sold separately from the pressing system.

First, select your batch size, noting that the fermentors are designed to be filled about 75% full of must (to allow for cap rise) and that typical press efficiencies will be about 60-70%.

Gross Volume Max Must Volume (gal) Max Must Weight (lb/Kg) Finished Wine (gal)
20 Gallons 15 150/68 10
30 Gallons 23 230/104 15
55 Gallons 27 420/190 27
Gross Volume Max Must Volume (gal)
150/68 10
30 Gallons 23
55 Gallons 27
Max Must Weight (lb/Kg) Finished Wine (gal)
150/68 10
230/104 15
420/190 27

*Finished wine and must weight are approximations only due to varietal differences and other variables.


The system is divided into three main parts: Fermentor, Piston, and Vacuum Pump. This eliminates any wasted components should you desire to have multiple fermentors and/or different size units in your winery.

Step 1:
Base Fermenting Vat: Select the size or sizes that meet your needs - either one unit, multiple units of the same size or even a combination of different sizes! Each fermenting tank comes equipped with the ring stand, bottom valve, false bottom assembly, and a tight-fitting lid.

Step 2:
Piston: Purchase a piston assembly to match your fermentor size. You will need one piston for each differently sized fermentor you have in your winery. If you have multiple fermentors of one size, you only need one piston.

Step 3:
Vacuum Pump: Purchase the vacuum press kit. You will only need one vacuum press kit for your winery, no matter the size or quantity of your fermentors. The vacuum press kit can also be used to degas your wine!

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