The Keeper - Single Bottle Dispenser Wine Preservation System


Now you can own the same system that restaurants use to serve wine by the glass. Vintners have always preserved wines by adding harmless inert gas to barrels to displace oxygen, the same oxygen that causes wine to spoil. WineKeeper works on the same principle, using 100% nitrogen gas to preserve wines. With a WineKeeper wine preservation system, you can dispense your wines like a professional.

The Keeper is a single-bottle dispenser and comes with 1 stopper-faucet (with a non-stick wine tube), a regulator, a disposable canister, quick connects and tubing.

We carry a full line of WineKeepers from a single-bottle system up to 16 bottles. Please call with any questions on wine preservation.


  • Disposable canister (good for 20 bottles)
  • Deluxe regulator
  • Stopper dispenser
  • Tubing with quick-connect valve
  • Simple instructions.

The Keeper - Single Bottle Dispenser Wine Preservation System Reviews

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Works well with one minor comment.
by:Kevin (09-09-2013)
Pittsburgh, PA
Comments:Great protective packaging, clear concise instructions, easy to setup and it works very, very well. The spout does tend to drip if just shut off after pouring wine as a little bit remains in spigot. A simple slight shake of the spigot after pouring makes that last drop fall into the glass. No drip and, not a drop wasted!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Can the empty canister be recycled
by Bess on March 31, 2019
I believe it is against regulations to put one of those types of cylinders into the recycling of your home bins. You may need to bring it in to a recycling center for the most responsible ways to dispose.
by Dave on May 11, 2019
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