VintageView Extension Kit for Vino Pins - Golden Bronze

Model: VP-X-GB
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  • The VintageView VP-X-K Vino Pin Extension is cast of milled aluminum and finished in golden bronze for a modern and minimalist style
  • Vino Pin Extension transforms your Vino Pins into two- or three-bottle deep configurations allowing your wine bottle display to grow with your collection
  • Extensions are able to easily attach to any of the VintageView Vino Pins whether for drywall, masonry, or wood surfaces
  • The VintageView extension kit is capable of storing standard 750 mL and 375 mL wine bottles when attached to vino pins
  • Up to 2 extensions can be easily added to 1 set of vino pins without the use of tools

Cast of stylish industrial aluminum and finished in golden bronze, these Vino Pins Extensions transform any VintageView Vino Pin into a two- or three-bottle deep configuration, allowing your wine bottle display to grow with your wine collection.

How to install:
To install extensions, thread a stud into one end of the base extension pin, screw the starter base pin into the remaining exposed end, and firmly hand tighten. Connect any additional extensions in a similar fashion and repeat this process for the neck pins.

Vino Pins are designed to accommodate a maximum of 3 bottles deep - 1 starter plus 2 extensions. Any application outside of these parameters is not warranted by VintageView and may result in product and/or installation failure, property damage and/or bodily harm.

  • Holds standard 750 mL, 375 mL
  • Attaches to any Vino Pins base without tools
  • Up to two extensions can be added to any base
  • Milled aluminum

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