Franmara Deluxe Wine Essences Collection - 40 Piece Set

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  • 12 basic aromas for white wine
  • 12 basic aromas for red wine
  • 16 complex aromas and defects
  • 40 aroma flasks total with information booklet
  • Comes packaged in a signature metal box

This Deluxe Essence Set is an essential for anyone interested in learning about the makings of wine. Composed of 40 aromas that are most easily identified in wines: 12 basic aromas for the white wine, 12 basic aromas for the red wine plus 16 complex aromas and defects that can be found in the wine. The set contains 40 flasks with aromas and a booklet with information needed to learn how to detect certain aroma in the wine. Sets like this are used by wine merchants, wineries, and educators as a tool to develop senses for the complex components of wines during tasting. This set covers the complete range of aromas that are essential for a successful wine tasting. Comes packaged in a signature metal box.



Bought this as an alternative to the $400 kit. Was happy that there were 40 scents, which included faults. I would say 25 of the 40 were good, 10 were very artificial and difficult to decipher, and 5 were just awful (the black truffle, grapefruit, honey, hay, and green bell pepper). Also disappointing was then when mine arrived, though packaged well, at least 15 if the vials had leaked and had lost half their contents. And of course boxwood had to be one that leaked and the whole kits smells like that now, you can't handle a vial without having the boxwood (which smells more like sandlewood to me) scent all over your hands. I needed it 3 days later to teach a class so unfortunately I couldn't send it back and wait for a new one. If you just want something to help learn, it's a fine kit. If you're super serious, you will most likely be disappointed.

What are the 24 aromas that are included?
by Kristen on November 26, 2018
I have the list and I will mail you directly.
by Dave on December 06, 2018
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