Wine Guardian 2 Ton 15,200 BTU Wine Cooling Unit

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  • Self-contained 2 ton 15200 BTU wine cooling unit can cool an enclosure up to 5500 cubic feet
  • Delivered pre-charged with environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant to make installation easy
  • Multiple supply and return air openings make this unit capable of multiple installation configurations
  • Only wine cooling unit capable of ducting on both the evaporator and condenser side
  • Designed with a lightweight, corrosion-resistant, all aluminum outer body with black finish
The Wine Guardian is the industry leader in self-contained wine cellar cooling systems. The Wine Guaridan is the Best Climate Control Solution for Wine Storage on the market today. These systems are delivered pre-charged with refrigerant (R-134a), so installation is easy. Units are usually mounted in a room adjacent to the wine cellar; they can also be mounted inside the wine cellar.

Wine Guardian is the only system which incorporates cooling, heating, filtration, humidification, ducting, internal safety devices and low ambient control as integrated solutions. It is the only unit capable of multiple installation configurations - thru-wall (flush, fully recessed or semi-recessed), remote mount, indoor or outdoor. It is the only unit capable of ducting on both the evaporator and condenser side. Made in the USA. 24/7 hotline for information and assistance.

  • Estimated Room Size: up to 5500 cubic feet
  • 2 - ton capacity net output
  • Completely self-contained design
  • Delivered pre-charged (R134a)
  • Multiple supply and return air ports
  • Multiple-panel design for easy service access
  • Cleanable air filters for both condenser and evaporator coils
  • ETL and CSA Approved
  • Wall-mounted thermostat
  • Ideal when outside venting is necessary
  • Only system that can install in an attic

The Wine Guardian cooling unit is a professional, USA manufacturered, self-contained climate control unit designed specifically for the storage of wine at cellar temperatures. It is designed for easy installation and operation. Wine Guardian uses digital electronic controls and environmentally friendly R-134a refrigerant. The entire unit is run tested at the factory and shipped as a single package. All components are of a high quality standard commercial grade. The entire unit is approved by ETL according to UL 1995 and CSA safety standards. All wiring complies with NEC. Each unit is furnished with a sealed, UL approved power cord and plug.

The Wine Guardian unit is completely self-contained and includes an integral air cooled condenser. The unit is functionally divided into two sections, the evaporator or cooling section and the condenser or heat rejection section. Each section contains a coil to add or remove heat and a fan to move the air through the coil and into or out of the cellar or adjacent space. The Wine Guardian unit is designed to be used either as a free blowing, through the wall unit or as a remote mount unit with external ductwork connections.

Air from the cellar first enters a filter to remove any airborne dust particles and then enters the cooling coil. Air passes through the cooling coil and is cooled by the refrigerant inside the coil. This causes any excess humidity in the air to condense and be captured in the drain pan and piped outside the unit. Air then enters the fan where it is pressurized and discharged out of the unit. Operational heating coils are located between the cooling coil and the fan. These coils heat the air to prevent low temperatures in the cellar. The thermostat, located in the cellar, turns on the cooling or heating as needed to maintain its set point. It does not allow the cooling and heating to be on the same time.

The compressor and condenser sections are activated whenever the unit is cooling. The condenser fan draws air from the surrounding or ambient space either directly or through a duct. The air is first drawn through a filter to remove any airborne dust particles to keep the coil clean. Then the air flows through the condenser coil where it absorbs heat from the refrigerant in the coil. The air is finally discharged out of the unit by the condenser fan.

  • Estimated Room Size: up to 5500 cubic feet
  • 15,2000 BTU
  • 2 - ton capacity net output
  • Completely self-contained design
  • Delivered pre-charged (R134a)
  • Multiple supply and return air openings for installation flexibility
  • Multiple-panel design for easy service access
  • Cleanable air filters for both condenser and evaporator coils
  • ETL and CSA Approved
  • Digital Thermostat, 50' wire is Supplied
  • Approx. 130 lbs
  • Black Finish - Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, all-aluminum outer body
  • Very versatile cooling system
  • Can be ducted or go through-the-wall
  • Reliable and durable forced-air cooling
  • Wall-mounted thermostat
  • Ideal when outside venting is necessary
  • Only system that can install in an attic
  • Optional humidification and heating available
  • Optional duct work and collars available - High static pressure fans for extended lengths of ductwork
  • Factory tested prior to shipment
  • ETL and CSA approved
  • 24/7 factory service hotline support

  • Cabinet - The cabinet and access doors are constructed of aluminum with a powder coated finish for corrosion protection and an attractive, maintenance free appearance. Areas in contact with cold temperatures are lined with insulation to prevent condensation
  • Condensing Section - Ambient air is circulated through the condenser section by a direct drive, permanently lubricated, motorized impeller blower. This section also contains the compressor and the electrical controls. If the water cooled option is purchased, a heat exchanger is used in place of the condenser coil and blower
  • Evaporator Section - Cellar air circulated through the evaporator section by another blower the same as above. The large evaporator coil face area elminates condensate carry-over, reduces air pressure drop and optimizes heat transfer. A drain pan is located directly below the coil to capture condensate is fabricated from aluminum to prevent rust and corosion. The electric heating coil, if ordered, is factory installed between the evaporator coil and the blower, and is complete with contractor(s) and limit conrol.
  • Electrical Controls - Most of the electrical components and controls are located in a separate area accessible through the condenser section. All wiring is in accordance with the National Electrical Code. Wires are numbered and color coded to match the wiring diagrams.
  • Factory Tested - All Wine Guardian units are factory run-tested and checked for operational performance.
  • Filters - Nominal 1" thick filters are provided on both the evaporator and condenser inlets to protect the coils from dust and dirt. These filters are washable and reusable.
  • Humidity Option - The optional humidifier comes fully assembled and tested for field installation onto the Wine Guardian without any additional electrical power wiring. It automatically adds moisture into the cellar by the evaporation of water over a distribution pad. A cellar mounted digital electronic humidistat automatically controls the amount of moisture added.
  • Interal Drain Trap - Water condensate from the evaporator coil fills the trap and forms a seal to prevent air from being drawn back through the drain tube. This allows the drain pan to drain freely. No external trap ix required.
  • Refrigerant Circuit - The factory charged circuit includes a thermal expansion valve with an external eqaulizer, slight glass with moisture indicator, a filter dryer, an automatic low pressure switch, and a manually reset high pressure switch. For the low ambient option, an automatic pressure switch controls the operation of the condenser blower and a heating element is added to the compressor oil reservoir.
  • Supply / Return Grilles - Powder-coated steel single direction grilles are provided for the inlets to the evaporator and condenser sections. One grille is provided on an outlet. These are readily interchangeable with access doors to control and direct the airflow. These grilles many be used in the room on the end of the ducts in the ducted systems.

  • What are the advantages of external ducting?
  • Lower sound levels
  • Virtually no vibration in the cellar
  • Better air distribution and temperature control
  • Flexibility of where to locate the unit
  • Ability to exhaust the excess heat and/or recapture and redirect for energy conservation
  • Greater flexibility in cellar design
  • Easier to service

  • All aluminum frame and external construction , powder coated
  • Prevents corrosion and rust

  • Powerful motorized impeller fans
  • Greater pressure capacity for external ducts on both cooling and heat exhaust sides
  • Higher airflow capacities improves humidification and temperature control (more air changes per hour) and results in better temperature distribution throughout the cellar.

  • Filters on both coils
  • Protects coils from dust and dirt, reduces costly maintenance and improves performance

  • Greater installation flexibility and ease at lower installed cost
  • Only cooling units capable of being located inside, thru-the-wall, outside or remote from the cellar - surface mounted, recessed or semi-recessed, or ducted
  • Hang from ceiling, sit on floor or platform or shelf
  • Multiple discharge (supply) duct connections on both cool and heat exhaust side
  • Totally self-contained. No need to run refrigerant piping or install separate condensing unit. Requires only one electrical power connection.
  • Reliable alternative to large, expensive split systems and small, cranky through-wall systems
  • Remote thermostat and humidistat with 50' wiring for better control options

  • Greater accessibility
  • Easily removable panels without removing cooling unit from the wall

  • Professional quality
  • Built to highest safety standards and ETL tested according to UL & CSA standards
  • only units with commercial grade components like a refrigerant sight glass, filter-dryer and high and low pressure limit switches to protect the major components and improve serviceability. Each unit is furnished with a Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV) to automatically control the flow of refrigerant to the cooling coil in direct response to the load.
  • Standard feature of on/auto for fan control allows choice of running the fan all the time to equalize temperatures or cycle on and off only as needed.
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant R-134a
  • Electronic remote thermostat and humidistat
  • Automatic low pressure safety switch
  • Manual reset high limit safety switch

  • Modular design
  • use two units instead of one in critical applications or where loads are very high at certain times of the year but where only one unit is needed most of the time. Allows backup in case one unit is out of service.

  • Low ambient control allows the unit to be installed in a garage or outside under cover where temperatures may be too cold for standard application. Condenser fan cycles to automatically control the head pressure and a heater maintains the oil temperature in the compressor.
  • Add-on Humidifier with an electronic humidistat. Self-contained unit bolts directly into Guardian and connects to 24v control system. Requires only external water and drain.
  • Heating coil works automatically with the cooling to prevent simultaneous operation. Factory installed, no field installation required.
  • Duct collars and flexible ducts to connect Guardian to cellar. Sized to match capacity and outlets of each Guardian size. Collars connect to the Guardian unit and to the grilles - no need for additional wall grilles.
  • Add-on condensate pump where gravity drains are not available
Rated Capacity5500 cu ft
Weight195 lbs
Labor1 Year
Parts2 Years
Key Features
Electronic ControlsYes
Digital Temperature DisplayYes
Humidity ControlOptional
Exhaust DirectionMultiple
Electrical Requirements230 v / 60 Hz

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