Franmara Double Power Waiter's Soft-Touch Corkscrew - White

Model: 3162-WHT
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Same efficient two-step extraction system made more comfortable. This compact, new corkscrew embraces a two-step extraction system with two enmeshed boot levers hinged on the same rivet. Similar systems exist; however, with the Double Power the second (lower) lever falls into place effortlessly. non-stick spiral. Gray perimeter with interior color: Black, Burgundy, and White.


The best

I've never had a better wine key,,,I deal with guest who KNOW their wines.. So I better do a good job opening their favorite bottle,, I never have a problem looking like a pro... And for its price , the item just paid for itself with one bottle


Just Shy of Perfect

After 14 years behind the bar, I've found my favorite wine key. The two stage levers make even the most reluctant corks submit with a minimum of fuss. It's solid, comfortable and the levers are tight enough that they won't swing closed while you're corking and scrape your knuckles raw. The only flaw I've found is that the inner lever blocks the teeth of the bottle opener, rendering it fairly useless. I would absolutely recommend it. In fact I bought one for each of my bartenders, just so they would stop "forgetting" their own inferior ones and ask to borrow mine.

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