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14" Tall Polished Stainless Steel 1-Faucet Draft Beer Tower - Perlick Faucet

Kegco's DT145-1S-630 3" diameter polished stainless steel draft tower features a 14" height that makes it 2" taller than most standard draft beer towers, giving you enough space to fill normally hard-to-fit growlers and pint glasses. It comes complete with one Perlick 630SS stainless steel faucet, one sleek black ABS plastic faucet knob, and one preassembled 5' brewery approved beer hose with hex nut and neoprene washer. This tower is compatible with all standard keg couplers, and can easily be mounted using the mounting gasket and four screws that are included. Perlick's 630SS stainless steel beer faucet is the most sanitary faucet on the market. It features an innovative seat-forward design that keeps internal parts from being exposed to air, preventing the handle lever from sticking and minimizing bacterial build-up. This tower uses 100% stainless steel metal components to help ensure better tasting beer.



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