Free Kegerator Conversion Kit Instruction Manual

Free Kegerator Conversion Kit Instruction Manual

How to Build a KegeratorSave money by building your own draft beer kegerator! Kegerator conversion kits offer an economical way to convert a chest freezer or apartment refrigerator into a kegerator beer dispenser. In addition to being far less expensive than keg refrigerators, a kegerator conversion kit saves you the money of buying beer cans and bottles. Plus you get to enjoy your favorite draft beer at home anytime!

Whether in the home bar, rec room, kitchen or patio, our kegerator conversion kits are ideal for various locations as well custom installations. These kits come with high-quality commercial grade parts and easy to follow detailed instructions for installation. You can also call us at 1-800-710-9939 with any installation questions. Our draft beer experts are waiting to help you in your custom kegerator installation.



We offer a wide selection of kegerator conversion kits to fit your budget and installation needs.

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