FlexCount Classic Series 172 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator - Right Hinge Stainless Steel Door Reviews

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Product Reviews

Product Reviews

FlexCount Classic Series 172 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator - Right Hinge Stainless Steel Door Reviews

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Wine Saver
by:Tomas (06-26-2018)
Cape Coral, FL
Comments:Moved to Florida, no wine cellar, this fridge was just what was needed to preserve my more valuable wines. Looks good, is relatively quiet, doesn't take up much space and is easy to load and use.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Allavino flexcount 172 bottle wine coole
by:Jack (06-14-2018)
Seattle Washington
Comments:I researched many wine coolers and found that the Allavino was the best on the market. The beverage factory helped me select exactly what would work best for me. They could have up sold me but did not. The flex count 172 bottle unit was delivered right to my garage. I was very impressed with the care taken to package the unit. No dings or scratches any where. My friends helped me move it to my wine cellar. It is true you can put any size bottle in any drawer without interference. Over all I would recommend this to my best friend.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
by:Debbie (05-25-2018)
Santa Monica
Comments:We have a lot of buying to do before we completely stock this fridge. I'm keeping champagne and rose' on top at 40 degrees and it's a perfect temp. My reds are below. I love it so far!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
I would buy this cooler again
by:George (12-27-2017)
Comments:They look great. I bought three for my kids but one arrived damaged
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Great buy
by:Con (09-08-2017)
Lake Havasu City Az
Comments:It's so quiet. Love the drawers they don't come out on you. Very happy.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
by:Jack (08-11-2017)
Washington State
Comments:This is an update to the review I posted on 20 Aug 2016. At that time, I had just received, installed, and repaired my FlexCount 172. After the repair (documented in previous review), it worked well.....UNTIL about a week before the one-year warranty expired.
It suddenly became incapable of holding any temperature other than 63/61. I checked to verify that the circulator fans were operating (they were), then removed the back cover to see if the condenser fans had quit working or if the condenser was covered in dust (always hopeful for easy answers). Nope.
I discovered that the refrigerant system had sprung a leak and let most of the charge leak out. The compressor was still running---all the time--- trying its best to cool, but without enough freon in the system---futile.
Anyhow, I called Beverage Factory customer service, and (long story shorter) they sent me a replacement unit and took the broken one back.
The new one seems to have a huge improvement in the cooling system---it it MUCH quieter and cools noticeably faster, so kudos to the manufacturer---and to Beverage Factory for their quick and helpful warranty service.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Sleek, Quiet and Reliable
by:Rocky II (12-08-2016)
Wellington, FL
Comments:I've had the unit for about 1 year now. It is sleek and quiet. I really like the quality of the racks and with rare exception, the shelves are sufficiently far apart where the tops of bottles (pinot noir primarily) don't rub when you slide the shelves in and out. Also with rare exception, you can fit two layers (intercrossed like a zipper) of bottles in each row and so the rate bottle capacity is pretty close to what you really get. My only complaint is that the two zones don't appear to allow less than a 9 degree temperature difference between the two levels, so if you set the bottom for 55, the top can be no warmer than 46. Since I now find that I keep a lot more reds than whites, this doesn't allow the option of setting both zones to accommodate reds. Overall, a great chiller. If half ratings were permitted, I'd give it a 4.5 star rating.

Helpful note: Until you start to fill the unit with wine it is much harder to maintain a consistent temperature. The greater the volume of wine being stored the more stable the temperature setting becomes. Water bottles help to stabilize the temperature until you have sufficient wine bottles in place.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
FlexCount Classic Series 172 Bottle Dual
by:William (10-11-2016)
Concord, California
Comments:I have a lot of wine that was stored under beds and in closets and in bedside cabinets. The FlexCount is nice for keeping all my wine organized and accessible. The left hinge door is perfect for accessing from a right approach. most of the Burgundy-type bottles fit without touching the shelve above. Some Italian-style bottles (V. Sattui) will touch the shelf above, but with careful guidance, the shelf drawer will close. the shelves will hold 11 Bordeaux-type bottles in perfect position (wish it held a whole case).

The operation is quiet. For the first day it ran for almost 20 hours before cycling off. It can tend to run too cold if the upper zone is set to below 60 degrees.

The "white glove service" is neither. The truck driver showed up without a helper, and said there was an extra charge for the packing removal. His invoice had indicated 2 men to place in the house. to get it into my house is only 2 steps up. Once it was in the house, I helped the driver get it into my house. The driver removed the packaging and I helped place it in the position that I wanted. I got the song and dance about keeping the cardboard and styrofoam in case there was any issue with the unit. If it had to be shipped back it would need the original packaging. So I got stuck with the Behemoth packaging that will take several weeks to dispose through my regular garbage service.
If you pay for the "White Glove Service" be sure that you get an e-mail confirmation that all the packing material will be removed at the time of delivery. Also get a copy op the freight bill to ensure that the package removal is written on the bill.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Sleek and high quality
by:Nuclear Mom (10-04-2016)
Comments:This unit is beautiful and functional. It's very well made and maintains the dual zone temperatures extremely well. The shelves are very sturdy wood and its great that you can view your bottles well when you pull them out and it's well lit. The stainless door ties in my other appliances. We love it!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
OK.........SO FAR.
by:Jack (08-20-2016)
Comments:I bought this cooler to replace my (similar) Danby cooler that expired after 6 years. The cost to repair it was estimated to be roughly 75% of the cost of a new one, so the decision was easy....to replace with something better than a Danby.

A good bit of research led me to select this product.

It arrived with ONLY TWO punctures in the crating, but because of the excellent packaging design, the cooler itself was unscathed.

I installed it 10 Aug 2016 according to the clear instructions, and after the prescribed waiting period, plugged it in and powered it up.

On initial power-up, it made a hideous, mechanical rattling-vibration noise. Totally unacceptable. Had to decide whether to (1) send it back, (2) get a repair person, or (3) take a look myself.

Having been without a cooler for several weeks, I decided to begin with option 3. I pulled it back out of its cavity and removed the rear cover which protects the compressor, condenser and condenser fans. The source of the noise turned out to be a stupid assembly error which caused the edge of the condenser bracket to be in contact with the (vibration-isolated) compressor. I modified the bracket to remove the interference, and VOILA, normal refridge sounds....Not as quiet as some; not as loud as others.

(Kind of makes me wonder about the company's "QC Program".)

On the plus side, the refrigeration system appears (from the outside) to have been fairly well thought out (two fans moving air across the condenser instead of just one on the Danby, vib isolators well-matched to the compressor's major excitation frequency, etc.) It is attractive, apparently well-made (except as described above) and holds A LOT of bottles.

I don't like the "feature" of the upper section holding significantly fewer bottles than does the lower section. I also don't like the design "feature" which provides a temperature range of 40 to 56 F for the upper section, and a range of 54 to 65F for the lower section.

That combination of "features" more or less suggests that one use the lower section for reds and the upper for whites, especially if one has more reds than whites.

Running the upper section at a colder temperature than the lower section means that the cooling system has to work harder to maintain those settings. Cool air is more dense, hence tends to fall to the lower areas of a refrigerator (check out the temperature variation from the top shelf to the bottom shelf in your kitchen fridge). From a heat management perspective, it would be easier for the machinery to maintain a cooler temperature in the lower section and a warmer temperature in the upper section. Why make the machine use more energy trying to counteract natural circulation?

As far as reliability goes, it is FAR too soon to say; it has only been in service for 11 days as this is written, so....time will tell. As of now, it keeps the wine at suitable temperatures.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.