Wine Cooling Units

Proper wine storage requires proper temperature and enviroment. Ensure your wine cellar or wine cabinet ages your wine to its fullest potential with one of's wine cooling units. Wine cooling units keep your wine enclosure's temperature stable while reducing humidity to proper wine storage levels. Offering the lastest wine cooling units available on the market, your wine will not only age gracefully, it will be pampered doing so!

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Breezaire WKL 1060 Wine Cooling Unit  - 140 Cu. Ft. Wine Cellar
Breezaire WKE 3000 Wine Cooler Unit - 650 Cubic Foot Wine Cellar
Breezaire WKE 4000 Wine Cooler Unit - 1000 Cubic Foot Wine Cellar
Breezaire WKL 2200 Wine Cooling Unit - 265 Cu. Ft. Wine Cellar