August 13, 2017

Today is Mardi Gras and the top place to celebrate the occasion in the U.S. is New Orleans. Thousands of revelers will undoubtedly be knocking down a Hurricane or two this Fat Tuesday, but you don't have to be in the French Quarter to enjoy a delicious Hurricane cocktail. Try this recipe out at home and enjoy one of these powerful tropical drinks wherever you are! Below, we have one recipe for a small batch and another for a large 5-gallon batch, enough for a full-sized keg!

For behind the bar

If you'll be tending bar at your Mardi Gras party and making drinks one at a time, combine 2 oz White Rum, 2 oz Dark Rum, 1 oz Lime Juice, 1 oz Orange Juice, 2 oz Passion Fruit Juice, .5 oz Simple Syrup and .5 oz Grenadine in a cocktail shaker and fill it with ice. Shake the contents vigorously and strain into a large glass filled with fresh ice. For the finishing touch, garnish the glass with an orange half-wheel and a cherry, and enjoy your delicious hurricane cocktail.

Hurricane Cocktail

For the Homebrewer

If you're lucky enough to have a kegerator with a home brew setup, you can make 5 gallons of this super boozy rum-based concoction at once and have it on tap so you're not spending all your time behind the bar! The proportions for a 5 gallon batch are 142 oz White Rum, 142 oz Dark Rum, 71 oz Lime Juice, 71 oz Orange Juice, 142 oz Passion Fruit Juice, 35.5 oz Simple Syrup and 35.5 oz Grenadine. Combine all the contents in a 5 gallon homebrew keg and give it a good shaking before putting it in your kegerator. Pour over a full glass of ice and add your garnish. Finally, enjoy your bulk sized delicious hurricane cocktail.

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