March 10, 2022


Hot coffee on tap? The future is here thanks to the innovators at Kegco! Kegco, the renowned kegerator, and dispense equipment company has been providing the beverage industry with the best dispense equipment for over 20 years. It's no surprise that they are changing the food and beverage industry once again with their latest dispense innovation, the hot draft tower!

The Benefits of Kegco's Hot Draft Tower System


Save Money

How often does hot coffee get thrown out for a new "fresh" batch to be brewed? Well, brewed hot coffee starts to lose its fresh taste after just 30 minutes! So, whether you're in an office or a coffee shop, you're bound to toss out some hot coffee. That's tossing out money every 30 minutes!

With the Kegco Hot Draft Tower Dispense System, nitro kegged coffee has a prolonged shelf life and is preserved for 6 months after tapping into the keg. Any Ryan's Brothers products with sugar will stay fresh for 30 days after being tapped.

Instead of throwing out excess hot coffee every 30 minutes, this dispense system holds two kegs - one keg for nitro cold brew coffee and one keg for hot or cold nitro cold brew. Heated at the point of dispense, fresh hot coffee is served one at a time.

Hot Coffee To Order

Since this hot draft delivery system heats at the point of dispense, you'll have hot coffee to order, ensuring the best and freshest tasting coffee every time. Drawing the rich and delicious nitro kegged cold brew from the keg, the innovative hot draft tower technology heats the cold brew coffee to the perfect temperature and dispenses it for consumption.

How does the Hot Draft Tower work?


As soon as you assemble your system and tap the keg, cold coffee will begin to fill a heating chamber; however, this heating chamber is not turned on and will not heat the coffee until you start to dispense. When you open the faucet to dispense, cold coffee from the keg flows into a heating chamber and is held there until the heating element brings the coffee to temperature. The coffee takes only seconds to heat up, only as long as 10 seconds! The amazing part of this technology is that the heating only occurs when you are ready to dispense, preventing the degradation of the coffee. The open faucet releases hot coffee until the faucet is closed.

Maximizes quality and taste

The nitro kegged coffee is perfectly preserved for up to 6 months after being tapped! The flavor is rich and consistent with each pour. Cold brew is notoriously time consuming to properly brew and to brew large batches takes additional resources and equipment. Read more about cold brew coffee here. Purchasing nitro kegged coffees that are perfectly brewed and stored will ensure your coffe is delicious to the last drop.

Since prolonged exposure to heat degrades coffee, the flash heating of the cold brew coffee maintains the quality and taste of coffee. The tankless heating mechanism perfectly heats the coffee without burning the coffee and maintains the structure and flavor integrity. This hot draft system delivers the benefits of drinking cold brew coffee with the comforting temperature of hot coffee. You can learn more about the benefits of cold brew coffee here.

Eliminate daily brewing

With a kegerator that can hold two quarter slim or 7.75 gallon kegs, this hot draft system stores enough coffee to serve 496 (4 ounce) cups of coffee! This eliminates the need to brew coffee daily, which takes time, requires resources, and equipment. You can eliminate this process completely with the hot draft system, which allows you to connect your system to high-quality and delicious Ryan Brother's Cold Brew Coffee.

Once connected, this system can dispense from two kegs simultaneously - one keg for nitro cold brew coffee and one keg for hot or cold nitro cold brew. This versatility eliminates the need to brew several different types of coffee, saving you time and money.

Minimal waste

This system is a minimal waste dispense system, saving so much money and many resources. Since the coffee is so well preserved in the kegs for up to six months, there is plenty of time to finish the kegs before the coffee is no longer fresh.

Additionally, the on demand heating means there is no need to toss out stale tasting coffee every 30 minutes. The coffee remains fresh until you need to dispense it and you can completely control the portions being dispensed, eliminating waste. Since there is no brewing needed, it eliminates the need for additional disposable resources.

Dispense Two Types of Coffee

This innovative system can dispense two types of coffee simultaneously, offering a variety of options to your customers or office space. Offering hot or cold nitro cold brew coffee, this system will help improve your efficiency in delivering coffee to your customers. By delivering hot or cold coffee simultaneously, your service times are cut in half and the system is mistake-proof!

With a heating temperature range from 140F-180F, you can change the setpoint temperature in 1 degree Fahrenheit increments for the perfect serving temperature for your customer. The perfect hot coffee and cold brew is served side-by-side with no effort.

Track Your Remaining Cups

The innovative cup tracker allows you to set the serving ounces and assists in tracking your remaining cups! No more empty keg surprises! Keep your cold brew coffee constantly flowing for your customers thanks to this convenient feature. You'll know exactly when to order your next kegs and predict when you'll need to prepare to swap out to a new keg, saving you time and money!

All Stainless Steel Contact Parts

Kegco believes in delivering only the best dispense parts to provide the best taste pour after pour. Their all stainless steel contact parts are designed for professional performance, designed to be durable during rigorous use. These parts do not tarnish as quickly, they don't need to be replaced as frequently, and they provide a clean and true taste of your beverage. These parts are also very easy to clean and maintain.

Commercial Javarator Cabinet

Designed for storing and dispensing cold brew coffee, this kegerator dispense unit is engineered for rigorous commercial use and ensures continuous pours are consistent and delicious. ETL and ETL Sanitation Listed and NSF Compliant, ensuring that it has met the requirements of widely accepted product safety standards for commercial coffee keg dispensers.

With an operating temperature from 33°F - 41°F, the cold brew coffee is perfectly preserved and can be set to the ideal serving temperature. The spacious 8.2 cubic feet interior and rubber floor mat make it easy to load and unload the unit. Fan-forced cooling ensures even cooling throughout the unit and white dispensing.

This cabinet combined with the innovative hot draft tower creates a powerhouse combination for commercial coffee dispensing. Hot or cold, the Hot Draft System is changing the way the industry serves coffee. Efficient, minimal waste and convenient - Kegco's continuous innovation has advanced coffee dispensing far beyond what we thought could be capable!

Need more information?

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