April 15, 2021


Are you considering getting a kegerator or remodeling your home? An undercounter kegerator may be in your future! Adding a kegerator to your home can vastly improve your lifestyle and they can elevate the way you entertain at your home. There are a wide variety of kegerator styles to choose from to suit your home and your needs. We think the undercounter kegerator is an underrated home hero, so we wanted to share the reasons why you should consider getting an built-in kegerator for your home.

1. You have minimal space in your home

A kegerator is a wonderful addition to any home but when space is limited, an undercounter or built-in kegerator is a great option. It allows your kegerator to be seamlessly integrated into existing countertops and spaces in your home. Instead of trying to fit an additional appliance in your home, this one will take up unused space.

2. Maximize unused space

Building in your kegerator into an existing space maximizes a space that may be otherwise unused. Many people have unused counter space in their kitchen, for example, maybe you have a space for a dishwasher but you don't use a dishwasher. A great alternative to empty counter space or an unused appliance is building in an undercounter kegerator!

3. Add more value to your home

Whether you're planning to sell your home now or in the future, a luxury appliance like a kegerator is sure to bring up the value of your home. Seamlessly integrating a kegerator into your space will instantly elevate your kitchen or home bar and bring up the value of your home.

4. Elevate your outdoor entertainment space

That's right, you don't have to build in your kegerator into your kitchen or inside your home at all! Consider elevating your patio, barbeque area, or outdoor entertainment space with an elegant outdoor built-in kegerator. You can seamlessly integrate it into your patio space for the ultimate outdoor bar space.

5. You have limited refrigerator space

We understand, food is an essential but beer is also an essential. Since, you can't just fill your refrigerator to the brim with beer, a built-in kegerator not only allows you to have a fridge dedicated to beer but it also dispenses it at the perfect serving temperature and with a delicious foamy head. You can't deny that beer from a tap tastes significantly better than from a bottle or can and with a kegerator, it will actually take up less space!

From slim and sleek 15" kegerators to spacious triple tap kegerators, there is a design that will suit your needs. Once you elevate your home and lifestyle with this simple addition, you'll wonder why you ever lived without one! If you can't decide on a built-in kegerator for your home or you'd like to learn about other kegerator options, contact our product experts at 800-710-9939.


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