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Mini Kegerators That Maximize Space


Bigger isn't always better. Kegco has designed the ultimate compact, space maximizing-countertop kegerator and now there are no more excuses for putting off getting a kegerator! The best part is, you can serve virtually any beverage you want through this system! Versatile and compact, this new system will have you wanting one in every room.

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Exceptional Quality

Kegco is known for its premium kegerator systems that include only the highest-quality dispense parts backed by over 20 years of industry experience and exceptional customer service. This is why Kegco is one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to innovative and premium dispense equipment. After years of engineering and development, the Kegco team has developed a solution for dispensing in limited spaces, while maintaining the quality of a full-sized kegerator.


Sleek and Compact Cabinet

The Kegco HK-46 Mini Kegerator Series includes a compact 17" wide cabinet that can easily fit on any countertop. These compact kegerators give you the luxurious experience of a personal kegerator for your home, office, bar, or restaurant.

The Cold Brew Coffee Mini Kegerator is the ideal compact coffee dispenser for any home, office, coffee shop, or restaurant. This small addition to a home or office will change your daily routine to include fresh cold brew on demand. If you enjoy your daily cup of cold brew, you'll find yourself saving a lot of time and money having it available at home. The best part of this kegerator is that it is easily and seamlessly integrates into any space!

Place it on your countertop or even a bar cart, this compact kegerator plugs into any standard outlet and has all the dispense equipment self-contained within the cabinet. The compact design makes it easy to install and uninstall a keg. The smaller design also makes it easier to maintain and clean.


Versatile Design

The temperature range of these mini kegerators starts at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and goes to 50 degrees, providing a versatile temperature range for serving a variety of beverages. These kegerators are offered for a serving everything from beer, cold brew coffee, and soda water but you're not limited to these beverages. Many other beverages could be served using these systems, such as hard seltzer, cider, kombucha, iced tea, and juice. The possibilities are endless with the equipment available.


Full-Sized Power, Compact Size

Kegco doesn't cut corners when it comes to developing truly exceptional dispensing equipment. Although smaller than their traditional kegerators, they've equipped this unit with all the premium parts to set it up for flawless dispensing. With a digital temperature control panel, the cabinet temperature can be easily set and adjusted. Backed by exclusive temperature control technology, these miniature kegerators maintain cold temperatures and even cooling.

With fan-forced cooling technology, cold air is circulated, evenly chilling the interior of the cabinet. This ensures your keg can be quickly and evenly chilled, delivering perfectly chilled beverages to you quickly.

Commercial-grade dispense kit, just like it's larger counterpart, these mini kegerators are mighty when equipped with Kegco-quality parts. Precisely control your gas for dispensing with commercial regulators and ensure a perfect pour every time. Quality chrome and stainless steel faucets to suit your dispensing need, delivering a clean taste and consistent pour.


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Getting cold brew, beer, or sparkling water at home has never been easier or more convenient. These little beverage dispensing units are a workhorse for any office, home, bar, or restaurant. Maximize unused countertop space by filling it with a personal kegerator or a profit-making machine. Ask our product specialists about how you can incorporate a mini kegerator into your home or business. Click HERE to shop this exclusive collection!