August 19, 2017

There are many reasons one would want to upgrade their draft beer tower on an old kegerator or converted freezer. It might be that the kegerator you bought came with a cheap plastic tower. It may be that the tower you have does not have beer industry standard fittings. It may be that you want to serve something like Guinness® or cold brewed coffee and you need stout faucets to get the restricted flow necessary for that application. Maybe you find yourself filling taller glasses or growlers and need a tower with increased height to accommodate them. Perhaps you are tired of your faucets always being stuck and you're ready to switch to Perlick faucets for their forward-seat design that ensures smooth operation every time. You might just want to make sure that you have 100% stainless steel contact to make sure your system is as sanitary as possible and suitable for serving wine or cider.

Tower Options

Whatever the reason, Beverage Factory has a plethora of draft beer towers available with a host of finishes and an assortment of faucet options to choose from. We have basic single faucet towers all the way up to elaborate multi-faucet ceramic towers. We've got customizable T-Style towers that have the same column diameter as a standard kegerator tower, allowing you to easily switch them out with your existing tower.

Generally, switching out your tower is as easy as unscrewing your old tower and screwing in your new one. Something to consider would be how your tower is currently connected. If, for example, you have a 2.5" diameter tower or a tower with a base that screws into the top of your kegerator and you want to replace it with a tower that has a 3" diameter, you will need to drill new screw holes to attach the new tower to the top of your kegerator. The kegerators that we have seen do not have coolant lines in the top of the cabinet so you can be 99% sure you're not going to damage anything by drilling into the top, but if you want to be 100% sure, it's a good idea to call the manufacturer of the model you're working with to ask.

Another thing to consider is how wide the hole in the top of your kegerator is and if it will allow you to drop the beer line through the hole without removing the fittings on the end. If you are upgrading from a single faucet tower to a multi-faucet tower, you may not be able to push all the lines through without detaching one or all of the fittings. You can try pulling the nut back away from the end of the line to push the tube through and then squeezing the nut through afterward, but detaching and re-attaching the fittings may be the only answer. Usually, this just means removing the clamp that holds the beer line onto the hose nipple and then cutting the hose off to release the hose nipple and hex/wing nut that attaches it to your keg coupler. Once they are removed and the lines are pushed through the hole, you can re-attach them with a new clamp. If you are having a hard time getting the hose to slide over the hose nipple, putting the end of the hose in boiling water will make it more pliable. If, for some reason, you find that you cannot reuse the fittings you have removed, we have plenty of new fittings available.

There are a few kegerator brands out there that do not use industry standard parts, so our industry standard fittings may not fit on the non-industry standard coupler that came with your kegerator, but we've got plenty of new keg couplers as well.

Here is a sampling of the types of towers you can upgrade to along with a list of their features:

Polished Stainless Steel Extra Tall Draft Tower

3" Diameter Stainless Steel Column is 14.5" tall

Extra height provides you with an additional 2.5" of space for filling tall pint glasses or growlers and is ideal for stout faucets that have longer spouts

Includes beer line with industry-standard fittings, stainless steel tower shank and chrome plated brass faucet with black faucet knob

Polished Stainless Steel Draft Beer Tower with 100% Stainless Steel Contact

3" Diameter Stainless Steel Column

Stainless Steel Faucet, Shank and fittings ensure your beer only touches durable, sanitary stainless steel metal components and food-grade thermoplastic vinyl hose that will not impart any tastes on your beer

Keeps your draft beer tasting fresh and is NSF Approved to withstand the acidity of wine or cider

Brushed Stainless Steel Draft Tower With Stout Beer Faucet

Brushed finish looks great, especially with commercial grade kegerators that have a brushed stainless steel top

Restrictor Disc helps slow down the flow and provides a creamy mouthfeel

Perfect for dispensing Guinness® or Iced Coffee

Double Faucet Polished Stainless Steel Tower With Perlick 630ss

Adds a second line to dispense two kegs or empty one keg faster

Perlick faucet features a forward-seat design that minimizes bacteria build-up and prevents the faucet from sticking and 100% Stainless Steel contact

14.5" height provides an extra 2.5" of space for filling tall pint glasses and growlers

Polished Brass Triple Faucet Draft Beer Tower

3" Diameter Column works with most standard kegerators without having to re-drill holes

Polished Brass Finish may match up better if you have brass or gold accents in your bar area

Great for adding another 1/6th keg product to your beer dispenser

Polished Stainless Steel T-style Four Faucet Tower

Customization allows you to choose the faucets and faucet knobs that work best for your application

T-Style set up allows easy maintenance of your shanks and lines

Fittings and shanks are Stainless Steel, so if you choose stainless steel faucets, you'll have 100% stainless contact

Silva Ceramic Triple Faucet Draft Beer Tower With Gold Accents

Adds a touch of class to your draft beer dispense system

Available in either air-cooled or glycol-cooled options for commercial environments

Available in red, white or black with either gold or silver accents to best match your decor

Take a look at our entire selection of draft beer towers to find the option that best suits your application.


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