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Why We Love This Kegerator

April 15, 2020

Kegerators come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. While we have many favorites, this particular kegerator is so unique, we had to dedicate some time to talk about it. We didn't mean to hold you in suspense, it's the Kegco VSK-15SSRN 15" Wide Single Tap Stainless Steel Built-In Right Hinge Kegerator. This kegerator contains a unique design and is an incredible value, which is why we wanted to share it with you.


The Design and Features

The design of this kegerator, in particular, is unique due to its slim and sleek shape. This kegerator takes up barely any space but still optimally dispenses beverages. It is also an incredibly versatile kegerator with features that make it so universal from homeowners to homebrewers.


  • Sleek and Slim Cabinet - The slim and low profile of this kegerator allows this kegerator to fit where others can't. It's compact size and sleek design allows it to be placed virtually anywhere in your home or be built-in seamlessly into your kitchen counter space without taking up additional space.
  • Stainless Steel Design - This modern stainless steel design suits any home or kitchen decor and design but also prevents tarnishing and is easy to clean. Versatile Design - This kegerator can be used freestanding or built-in, which allows for versatility in your installation. This kegerator easily plugs into any standard outlet allowing it to placed in virtually any room in your home. Due to its built-in design, it has a powerful cooling and ventilating system, which means it can be placed in tight spaces and run efficiently.
  • Versatile Capacity - While it has a compact design, this kegerator can hold a 5-gallon keg, and even has enough space for a 7.75-gallon quarter slim keg! This capacity is ideal for a homebrewer's batch and ideal for any homeowner looking to upgrade their home bar.
  • Wide Temperature Range - This kegerator has an amazingly wide temperature range from 32-75°F! Perfect for dispensing crisp and cold beverages but also, a versatile enough temperature range to ferment your homebrews within the cabinet. Additionally, serving temperatures for beverages will vary and the wide temperature range allows you to customize your beverage dispensing.
  • Digital Temperature Control - A fully digital display makes it so easy to set the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celcius. This precise temperature control panel allows you to change the temperature by one-degree increments.
  • Powerful Cooling System - This kegerator has a powerful fan-forced cooling system, which helps circulates cool air throughout the cabinet ensuring even and powerful cooling of the keg.
  • Serves a Variety of Beverages - This kegerator is a versatile dispense system, which allows for the dispensing of beer, kombucha, wine, soda, juice, or tea.


The Premium Dispense Kit

This kegerator is an amazing value because it is fully equipped with a premium dispense kit with the highest quality dispensing parts. Kegco believes in providing only the highest quality dispense parts, which sets them apart from other kegerator brands in the beverage industry. This fully equipped kit comes with everything you need to easily and immediately start dispensing your favorite beverage.

All stainless contact single tap dispense system includes tower, regulator, keg coupler, and CO2 tank

  • 100% Stainless Steel Contact - This dispense kit comes with Stainless Steel Contact parts, which means that your beverages will always taste fresh, clean, and the parts are easy to clean. These parts don't hold on to aromas or flavors and they don't tarnish easily over time.
  • Air-Cooled Tower with a Non-Stick Faucet - This kegerator includes a 3" air-cooled tower, which means that the cold air circulates from the cabinet through to the tower, ensuring your beverage is being chilled at every step of the dispensing system.
  • Commercial-Grade Regulator - This Kegco kegerator is equipped with a commercial-grade regulator giving you full control over your beverage dispensing. This regulator helps you easily gauge and adjust the amount of CO2 you will need to perfectly dispense your beverage.
  • Keg Coupler with Food-Grade Stainless Steel Probe - Easily tap your keg with this Kegco-quality coupler. The food-grade probe ensures your keg won't be contaminated and will provide the best tasting beverage every time.
  • High-Grade Aluminum Alloy CO2 Tank - To complete your dispensing kit, a high-quality CO2 tank is provided. This tank is light and rust-resistant, making it easy to fill and a long-lasting useable tank for many dispenses.

Want to know more about the Kegco VSK-15SSRN Kegerator? Contact our product specialists at 800-710-9939 to find out if this kegerator is the right fit for you!