October 21, 2017

Sanitization is one of the most important steps in homebrewing. With the potential for a beer disaster on the line, we suggest you take the time to properly treat and prepare your equipment for brewing every single time, allowing you to dispense from a clean keg.

In the video above we'll show you how we sanitize, prepare, and fill a keg with homebrew beer.

Keg Sanitizing Instructions

  1. Add cleaner (follow manufacturer's directions for amounts) with hot/warm water to the keg, mix, shake vigorously, and allow to sit for 25-30mins.
  2. Empty the keg and rinse, making sure all the surfaces are noticeably clean.
  3. Fill a bucket with sanitizer and water (following sanitizer directions on amounts). Let the lid soak in this solution.
  4. Insert your siphon and fill the keg with the solution. Once the keg is full, apply the clean lid and shake vigorously.
  5. Connect your couplers to the keg, pressurize it, and dispense to allow sanitizer to flow throw your lines.
  6. Using CO2 system connected to keg, pump out remaining sanitizer. Next, prepare to transfer your wort.
  7. Begin to siphon the wort from the fermenter into the keg.
  8. Hook up the CO2 system to the keg to pressurize it, then pull the pressure relief valve a few times, for a few quick bursts. Now you are ready to carbonate your brew for serving.

How to force carbonate your keg


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