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How To Force Carbonate A Keg

Force Carbonation

Let's face it. Immediate gratification feels great! When it comes to drinking beer, would you rather drink your homebrew right away, or wait 2 weeks until the priming sugar has done its job? That's what we thought too. Here we show 2 popular methods used to force carbonate your homebrew beer.

Method 1

In method 1, start with a cold keg and begin by setting your regulator pressure to 40psi opening your valves. Then connect your gray coupler to the gas-in post, and you should hear the gas enter the keg. Then pick up the keg and rock gently over your left and right knees, back and forth for about two minutes.

Method 2

As in the first method, set your regulator pressure to 40psi and open the valves, instead of connecting to the gas-in post, you connect the co2 line to the liquid out post so that the gas goes from the bottom of the keg and moves upwards through the beer. Then, vigorously shake the keg back and forth from the top for a few minutes.

Once you have completed either step, let the keg settle for about 15-20 minutes before slowly relieving the pressure from your keg. Your beer should also be ready to pour around this time.

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