July 20, 2022


Homebrew kegerators aren't just for homebrewed beer! They are versatile enough for just about any beverage you can think of! A home bar isn't complete without a homebrew kegerator and you'll believe it once you finish reading this article. We‘re going to go through the benefits, versatile properties, and reasons why you should invest in a homebrew kegerator.

The unique design of the kegs


Homebrew kegerators use a special style of keg called a ball-lock keg. The ball-lock, refers to the connection points that allow you to connect the keg to the kegerator but this isn't what makes the keg unique. These kegs, unlike commercial kegs, allow you to open up the top of the keg, allowing full access to the interior of the keg. This unique design means that you can easily fill these kegs with just about anything! You don't need to be a homebrewer to enjoy the benefit of this blank-slate keg.

The keg is reusable and easy to clean


The other benefit of this open-mouth design is that the keg is incredibly easy to clean and reuse. You can easily access the entire keg, which allows you to thoroughly clean the interior of the keg, scrubbing out any residue or particles. The food-quality construction of the homebrew keg allows you continually reuse these kegs.

You can dispense ANY beverage


One of the little-known ways to use a homebrew keg is to fill it with a cocktail! That's right, you can create a massive batch cocktail and dispense it through your kegerator! This is a fantastic way to serve a large party. You can also dispense a variety of other beverages, like, tea, coffee, and juices with this keg. Additionally, you can fill your keg with the exact volume of beverage you will need for your event or home. This way, you will have less waste than with a commercial keg that you can purchase from your local brewery.

Easily dispense large batch beverages


If you love hosting a lot of people in your home, you can serve large batch beverages so easily with a homebrew kegerator. From large batch cocktails to sangria or even lemonade or iced tea, you can fill your keg and allow your guests to freely self-serve! Instead of filling pitchers in your refrigerator and taking up precious room, why not have a self-contained beverage dispenser to handle your hosting for you? That's the beauty of this unique kegerator!

You can get the brewery experience at home for less


The beauty of a kegerator is being able to have that fresh from the tap experience and flavor you just can't get with a canned or a bottled beverage. This dispense and storage system is designed to chill your beverage to the ideal temperature for your beverage with its wide temperature range and easy-to-select digital temperature control. Additionally, it dispenses it through a system that will deliver you the freshest flavor and best-carbonated mouthfeel, which you can't achieve with a can or bottle. Especially, when you're talking about beer, the carbonation, and the head of the beer is essential to the whole drinking experience. You can really only achieve that perfect pour using a kegerator.

You can ferment in your kegerator


The versatility of the Kegco Homebrew Kegerators, in particular, is that they have a wide temperature range, enough to ferment in. This is not only ideal for homebrewers but for anyone who likes to ferment foods, make kombucha, or even wine. Having a dedicated storage space for fermentation is so important because not only do you need ideal conditions for superior fermentation but it is nice to have an enclosed space for this process. The beauty of fermenting in your kegerator is when you are done, you can dispense your beverage using the same kegerator!

Store more than just kegs


These kegerators don't only store kegs but when you aren't storing kegs, you can easily convert the interior into a mini refrigerator. The versatility of this appliance provides you with so many uses and maximizes your investment. Your homebar will never be the same again once you add this appliance to your home. This one unit plays so many roles and saves you money through its versatility.

The Beverage Experts


At Beverage Factory, our team of experts have developed beverage solutions for commercial and residential applications. Our mission is to develop the best beverage solutions to suit your needs and provide versatile product that will give you more out of your investment. The homebrew kegerator isn't the only versatile appliance in our arsenal and we'd love to spea to you about finding the right beverage solution to suit you. Contact us at 800-710-9939 to speak to one of our product specialists.


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