December 18, 2019

There are many reasons to get a wine refrigerator, maybe you bought so much wine you need to hide some from your significant other or maybe you've decided it's time to start preserving your favorite wines. Whatever your big reason is for wanting a wine refrigerator, we have 5 reasons why you should get one.

1. You need a dedicated place to store your wine collection.

As much as we'd all love to have a home cellar, not everyone has space or the budget for one. Home cellars don't suit everyone, they're not always practical, and they tend to be very difficult to maintain. While you could just find some space in your pantry or store wine in a regular refrigerator, these storage conditions aren't ideal for preserving the quality of your wine.

Having dedicated storage space for your wines means you won't be taking up precious space in your refrigerator or other parts of your home. Additionally, with large collections, it is a great way to track the inventory of your wines and organize your collection.

With single and dual zone temperature zone wine fridges, you can really customize and organize your wine storage by separating your red wines and white wines. Wine fridges have special racking technology to secure your wines and allow you to store them in the ideal horizontal position, in order to keep them well preserved.

2. You want to protect and preserve your wines.

They say wine gets better with age but that's only if you take measures to preserve and protect it. Preserving wines requires optimal long term storage conditions, like consistent temperatures, limited exposure to light, and limited exposure to movement or vibrations.

When you buy a wine of an older vintage, it is an investment and a wine refrigerator allows you to protect this investment. While you can store wine at room temperature, it is not ideal for preserving your wine. Room temperatures can vary and change rapidly with the seasons or even days. This can be detrimental to your wine preservation process. Ideally, wine should be stored at a consistent temperature between 50° and 59° Fahrenheit and any temperature fluctuations can be extremely damaging to the delicate aging process of the wine.

Wine refrigerators are designed to maintain a consistent temperature and will not fluctuate dramatically in temperature, which is particularly important for cellaring wine. Additionally, wine refrigerators have humidity controlling features like heavy insulation and UV protecting glass to prevent light damage. These are features you don't get from a wine rack or a wine cabinet. Humidity control is particularly important because it prevents the cork from drying out and shriveling up allowing the wine to exposed to oxygen.

Learn more about the factors that will ruin your wine's aging process here.

3. Wine refrigerators are cost-efficient.

While owning a home cellar may be a dream for a serious wine collector, the initial building costs and long-term maintenance costs are extremely high. On average, a home cellar will cost as little as $15,000. Not to mention, you will need to construct the cellar which may take months and can be riddled with complications and additional costs.

Additionally, to get the ideal storage conditions, that you can easily achieve with a wine refrigerator, you will need a cooling system that is constantly running and a humidifier to maintain proper humidity. This will rack up to be a hefty monthly bill! With the cost of electricity and maintenance, the average monthly costs of owning a wine cellar are around $1,500 per square foot, plus $300 to $850 in maintenance costs.

Wine refrigerators can provide the same exact wine preservation environment within a compact and more efficient system. A wine cooler provides the controlled environment that preserves your wine with the benefit of fitting inside your home, energy efficiency, and low maintenance costs. With so many advancements in technology, wine coolers have surpassed the classic home cellar in popularity because it is so budget-friendly.

With advanced features like dual zone temperature control, wine fridges have the ability to have independent temperature ranges to properly store both red and white wines within a limited space. Even those with a very extensive collection can find large commercial wine refrigerators that can hold up to 600 bottles.

Wine refrigerators are also a very impressive means to display your collection in your home. With LED lighting and a variety of finished for the fridge, you can customize your storage to suit your home and needs.

4. Ready to drink wine at your disposal.

Not only will your wine refrigerator preserve your wine until you are ready to drink it, but it can keep your wine at the ideal serving temperature so, you will always have ready to drink wine bottles. There's nothing worse than having guests over and having to scramble to quickly chill a bottle of wine to serve.

Owning a wine refrigerator means you will always have wine on hand to enjoy and your guests can even pick a bottle from your impressive and luxurious LED-lit wine refrigerator. With a wine cooler, you'll be able to have a wide variety of wine available for you and your guests for any day or occasion.

The advanced temperature control technology in wine refrigerators allow you to easily adjust the temperature as you need it and it rapidly cools to the temperature you set it to. With a dual zone temperature system, you can even have two independently active temperature zones, which allows you to preserve and store in one zone and have ready to serve wine in the other zone.

5. You want to enjoy wine and life to the fullest.

A wine refrigerator is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy wine and life a bit more. This little luxury is a huge upgrade for any wine enthusiast because it makes such a huge difference. With options for freestanding and built-in wine coolers, wine refrigerators make a beautiful kitchen or home upgrade.

It adds that extra special touch to a home and lets you show off your wine collection. If the great outdoors is something you enjoy, then you can pair it with a perfectly chilled glass of wine with an outdoor wine fridge.

A wine refrigerator allows you to get the very most out of your wine experience without leaving your home. You can have that winery or restaurant experience comfortably at home. Plus, with the optimal conditions that a wine refrigerator creates, your wine will always taste its best!

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