June 03, 2016

Wine racking is a must-have for any wine collector, whether you're a serious connoisseur or just someone who wants to keep their collection neat and tidy. Choosing the right one can be a major decision, so we've compiled a list of questions to ask yourself to help you narrow down your options and end up with the perfect wine rack.

Wine Rack Styles

There are almost as many wine rack styles as there are wine varietals, but somewhere out there is the perfect wine rack to fit your unique needs.

Wine Room

Expecting your collection grow? Stackable or modular wine racks are perfect for wine collectors who are starting small but expect their collection to grow over time. You can invest in just a few small pieces today to store what you have, then purchase more as you go to build an elegant wine cellar or wine room.

Short on space? A wall mounted wine rack may be the solution for you! These space-efficient racks allow you to mount your wine collection on the wall for a display that is as beautiful as it is practical. These racks are often modular as well, giving you the option to add to them as your collection grows.

Just need storage for a few bottles in your kitchen or dining room? There's a wide variety of table top wine racks available to fit any decor! These racks are a convenient and stylish way to keep a few bottles at hand whenever you need them.

Want to do more than just store wine? From bars and cabinets to pub tables and poker tables, there are many styles of wine furniture that incorporate built in wine racking for the ultimate in wine storage convenience.

Wine Rack Materials

Once you have decided on the perfect wine rack style for you, the next step is to choose the type of material that it will be made from. From classic wood and wrought iron wine racks to stylish glass and plastic models, there are many pros and cons to consider beyond just aesthetic appeal.

Wine Room 2

Want a classic look? Wood wine racks are a traditional favorite for a reason! These timeless, sophisticated, and cost-efficient racks can be made of many different types of wood with many different stains available to match your decor. They are often modular and stackable, allowing them to grow with your collection, and their durable construction can resist bending or breaking.

Prefer metal to wood? Wrought iron wine racks are another option for collectors looking for traditional elegance. Available in all shapes and sizes, these durable racks will complement many different types of home decor.

Wrought iron not your style? There are many other great wine racks available with metal construction. These affordable wine racks are generally best suited for small displays or wall mounted racking. Be aware that some low-quality metal racks can run the risk of bending, breaking, or scratching your wine bottles as you retrieve them.

Want something a little different? Wine racks are no longer limited to just wood or metal. If you're looking to complement a modern decor or add a touch of fun to your home, a sleek glass or unique plastic wine rack design might be just what you're looking for. Wine racks made from these materials range in price from highly affordable models to more expensive designer collections and are better suited for smaller wine collections than large ones.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Purchasing

You may have narrowed down the style and material and feel ready to purchase, but there are still a few major questions to ask yourself before you are finally ready to bring your new wine rack home.

Tabletop Wine Rack

Will the wine rack fit where you want it to? As with any major furniture or appliance purchase, make sure to measure the future location of your wine racks before buying. There's nothing worse than falling in love with an item, only to get it home and discover that it will not fit.

Will the wine rack still be big enough to store your collection five years from now? At the Beverage Factory, we believe in investing in a wine storage unit that will grow with you. A small wine rack may be ideal if you only plan on having a few bottles on hand at any time, but if you expect your wine collection to grow much larger in the next few years, you should consider modular or interlocking units that allow for easy expansion.

Will this wine rack fit your bottles? You may have never thought about it, but it's likely your wine bottles are not all the same size. Many wines like Cabernets, Champagnes, Burgundies, and Pinots come in larger diameter bottles that may not fit in your racks, so make sure to measure the rack openings before you purchase.

"Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words."

What direction will the wine bottles be resting in on the rack? Most wine racks are designed to store your bottles horizontally, allowing the wine to be in constant contact with the cork. This keeps the cork moist, ensuring that the seal is strong and that harmful oxygen is kept out for proper aging and long-term protection. If the wine rack you are considering uses a vertical storage design, it will be better used as a decoration piece for short-term wine storage.

Will the bottles be stacked on top of each other? You may purchase a wine rack that is advertised as holding a large number of bottles, only to get it home and discover that it seems to hold much less. This is because some wine racking is designed to store bottles on top of each other, increasing the storage capacity but decreasing accessibility and increasing the chance that your labels may be damaged. Depending on how you plan to store and drink your wine, this may or may not be a deciding factor.

Is the surface area of your wine racking rough or smooth? Check the surface area of wine racks before purchasing. Rough, unfinished wood may scratch your wine bottles or tear their labels.

Browse Beverage Factory's large selection of wine racks to find your dream wine rack, and before you know it you'll be ready to move your wine bottles into their brand-new home!

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