January 27, 2020

The bane of wine preservation is temperature fluctuations. Serious wine collectors and professionals have long been thwarted in their attempts to cellar and preserve their pricey investments by even the most minimal fluctuations in storage temperature. Well, now the days of temperature spikes and fluctuations are of the past. This new compressor technology is going to change the way wine is stored.

Allavino, the renowned luxury wine refrigerator manufacturer, is changing the wine industry by including a new compressor technology in their wine coolers. Allavino has always been known to strive to integrate the best and latest technology in their units from vibration-reduction technology for wine shelves to this latest innovation, Tru-Vino technology. Learn more about this precise temperature control tecnology HERE on Allavino's website.

The Future of Wine Storage

Once the dominant technology in the industry, thermoelectric wine coolers have been overthrown by compressor technology because of its energy efficiency and cooling capabilities. Compressor wine coolers are more effective at reaching lower temperatures than thermoelectric coolers.

Since compressor technology is a more powerful cooling system, they can hold more bottles and efficiently cool them. Thermoelectric wine refrigerators also consume more energy to maintain temperatures. Additionally, they tend to work poorly in fluctuating ambient temperatures, which requires your home or business to be a very consistent temperature.

While thermoelectric technology is quiet, innovations in refrigeration technology have allowed Allavino to produce some of the quietest compressor wine coolers in the industry. Allavino is now continuing to make advancements toward improving wine storage by making their wine refrigerators more powerful, efficient, and quieter than ever.

This move into Tru-Vino speed compressor technology over fix speed compressors is revolutionizing and setting a high bar for the production of wine coolers. With more efficient cooling and energy efficiency, these wine refrigerators will optimally preserve wine and save on costs.

Fix Speed Compressor Technology vs. Tru-Vino Technology - How They Work

The wine industry standard has long been fixed speed compressors, which has a cycle that fluctuates through low and high temperatures. Fixed speed compressors will reach the set temperature then completely turn off until the temperature drops out of the ideal range, then the compressor will start back up to cool the interior of the refrigerator again.

As you can tell, because the compressor is cycling between stages of being on and off, there tend to be fluctuations in temperature and temperature spikes. This may disrupt the preservation of your wine, which should be kept at a constant temperature.

Unlike fixed speed compressors, the Tru-Vino technology will reach the targeted temperature and slowly reduce the delivery of cool air, instead of a sudden stop to the delivery to cool air like with fixed speed compressor technology. This slow descent of cool air means that the refrigerator will remain a consistently cool temperature and will not drop dramatically in temperature like previously used technology.

As the temperature begins to drop, the system will slowly deliver more air, maintaining a consistent temperature, ideal for wine preservation. This innovative Tru-Vino compressor Technology will maintain the ideal temperature with minimal effort, making it highly energy-efficient and with the new refrigerant, these new wine coolers will be environmentally-friendly. Adopted from the refrigeration and air conditioning industries, this technology has some powerful implications for the future of wine storage.

These new Allavino wine refrigerators with Tru-Vino Technology will maintain a constant and consistent temperature because they don't make any extreme temperature changes, preventing any drop or fluctuation in temperatures. This will ensure wines will truly be stored at the accurate temperature during its entire lifetime. Welcome to the future of wine preservation, a future with Tru-Vino Technology.

The Benefits of Tru-Vino Compressor Technology

The obvious benefit from this new refrigeration compressor technology is the ability to maintain a constant temperature, which is ideal for wine preservation. Since wine preservation requires such a strict temperature range, this compressor technology allows for minimal changes and is adaptable to ambient temperature changes.

The Tru-Vino Compressor Technology is also energy efficient because instead of turning completely on and off, the compressor has a slow on and off process therefore, requiring very little energy to maintain a constant temperature. With fixed speed cooling systems, the energy consumption required to start back up and the energy used to bring the temperature back up to the desired temperature is very high. This new compressor technology doesn't require a surge of energy to maintain temperature because the temperature is undetectably changing.

Wine refrigerators with Tru-Vino Compressor Technology have reduced energy consumption across the board when it comes to household appliances and refrigeration systems. Due to the way compressor technology operates by only requiring minimal increases of cool air to maintain a consistent temperature, they have been proven to provide a significant amount of energy savings. vAdditionally, because there is no need to drastically increase the motor speed of the cooling fan, the noise level of these refrigerators is very low. Fixed speed compressors widely vary the speed of the fan in order to compensate for the drastic changes in temperature.

With Tru-Vino Technology, the speed range of the fan is very minimal because the compressor is constantly compensating for small temperature fluctuations. Since the fan doesn't have to move at a fast speed to help compensate for drastic changes in temperature, the sound of the fan is significantly reduced, making these wine coolers some of the quietest on the market.

The gentle cooling system of the Tru-Vino Technology also maintains optimal humidity levels for long-term wine storage, preventing corks from drying out and exposing the wine to oxygen. The improvement in steady humidity control is significant in wine refrigerators with Tru-Vino technology versus those without.

An Improved Experience

With this change in technology, the biggest question to arise is, how will this affect the user? The brilliant thing is, it doesn't! The simple digital display on these wine refrigerators will allow the user to easily set their desired temperature and the Tru-Vino Compressor Technology will do the rest.

Unless the user would like to change the temperature beyond a couple of degrees, there is no need to adjust the temperature of these wine coolers. Their intelligent design maintains the set temperature and prevents any drops in temperature.

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Cellaring, storing, and serving wine has been made easier by Allavino and their Tru-Vino Technology.

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