November 23, 2021


Wine is the best way to show your love this holiday season! Wine gifts expand a range and you will really find something for everyone who loves wine. From simple to extravagant, Beverage Factory has a wide range of wine gifts to delight every wine lover on your gift list! Or maybe you're shopping for "a gift from Santa", we won't tell. We wanted to share our customer favorites with you to make your holiday shopping a little bit easier. These widely loved products will get you praised as the best gift giver for years to come.


The Universal Wine Gift

Whether your gift recipient loves red wine, white wine, or rosé, they're always going to need a wine glass! This holiday wine glass set comes with a super cool holiday print for each glass. This set is great for entertaining for the holidays because everyone can have their own easily identifiable glass. You don't need to know your recipient's wine preferences to gift them this beautiful set of glassware.



For the Do-It-Yourself Wine Lover

Do you know someone who loves to craft and create? A winemaking kit may be exactly what you need to get them! Winemaking kits include all the necessary ingredients and sometimes even equipment that allows them to make their own wine. Winemaking kits can be simple for beginner winemakers or more complex for an advanced winemaker. This is a great gift for someone who loves to learn new skills and is very interested in wine. Making your own wine is not only fun but it is satisfying and it can produce great tasting winery quality wine! Learn more about winemaking kits in our blog.



For the Minimalist

This Allavino 15" Wide FlexCount II Tru-Vino 30 Bottle Single Zone Black Wine Refrigerator is a compact and simple wine refrigerator that will fit in and suit any home. This wine refrigerator can be used as a freestanding unit or it can be built-in. This versatility allows for so much flexibility in the home and it takes up very minimal space. This single zone wine refrigerator is ideal for the wine lover who collects mostly one type of wine and they don't need multiple temperature zones.

With the unique Tru-Vino technology in this wine refrigerator, the temperature doesn't wildly fluctuate and it also maintains an ideal humidity for protecting wines from spoiling. Additionally, this wine refrigerator comes with FlexCount shelving, which allows many bottle sizes and shapes to fit next to each other. The shelves are designed with vibration dampening technology and they glide out completely for easy storage. The cradling design of the shelves allows you to store more bottles on each shelf and prevents vibrations from damaging the wine.

The wine cooler is designed with ultra-quiet operation and a UV filtering glass door, further protecting your wines. The 30 bottle capacity is great for a small and diverse collection. This simple design will suit any home decor and elevate a home.



For the White and Red Wine Lover

Perhaps your gift recipient is an equal lover of white and red wine, this Allavino 24" Wide FlexCount II Tru-Vino 36 Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel Wine Refrigerator is the ideal wine storage for your recipient. This dual zone wine cooler is built with elegant French doors to reveal a split interior, one side can be programmed to your ideal temperature for storing reds and one side for whites. These independently controlled temperature zones contain Allavino's exclusive Tru-Vino temperature control technology, which prevents fluctuations.

Whether they love white or red wines, their wines will be well protected with this premium wine refrigerator. With cradling shelves that prevent vibrations from damaging the wine and allow for more storage of a variety of bottle shapes and sizes, this wine refrigerator is a compact yet luxurious addition to any home.

The quiet and energy-efficient operation makes it a seamless addition to a home. Also, this refrigerator can be used freestanding or built into a kitchen or cabinetry. The 36 bottle capacity will allow for the ultimate versatility for organizing one's collection. Additionally, the UV filtering glass door will further protect the wines from premature degradation. Enjoy red and white wines at their ideal temperature with this innovation in wine storage.



For the New Collector

A growing collection needs space to grow into but it may not be large enough to fill a very large wine refrigerator. The perfect solution is this mid-sized wine refrigerator, the Allavino 24" Wide FlexCount II Tru-Vino 56 Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel Left Hinge Wine Refrigerator. With a 56 bottle capacity, it's perfect for a new collector who may not have many wines but wants some space to grow a larger collection. This is enough capacity that they won't fill it quickly but not so large that the unit takes up too much space. This unit is versatile and can be used freestanding or built into your home. The sleek and elegant design will suit and elevate any home. The quiet operation means it will seamlessly integrate into a home and the energy efficient operation saves you money! This new addition to a new wine collector's home will be a huge gamechanger and allow them to properly protect their investment.

With Tru-Vino technology, this wine refrigerator stays at a consistent temperature, perfectly preserving any vintage. The wide temperature range allows you to select your precise temperature for preserving or serving your wines. This innovative new technology also maintains the precise humidity for preserving wines, which prevents corks from drying out or becoming too damp. The dual zone allows a new collector to maintain two independently controlled temperature zones for storing both white and red wines or for serving and preserving wines.

With the unique cradling shelf design, a variety of bottle shapes and sizes can fit on the same shelf, maximizing storage space! These shelves glide out easily and completely for easy storage and retrieval. This refrigerator will last a new wine collector for a lifetime of use and is compact for the high capacity interior.


For the Serious Collector

For the special someone who really loves to collect wine but has limited space in their home, the Allavino 24" Wide FlexCount II Tru-Vino 172 Bottle Dual Zone Black Right Hinge Wine Refrigerator is the ideal wine storage solution. The sleek and tall design of this wine refrigerator allows you to hold more but take up less space. The vertical design contains two independently controlled temperature zones, which allows you to set a precise temperature for each zone. The Tru-Vino technology in this wine refrigerator prevents fluctuations in temperature, protecting your wine. A serious collector will appreciate the temperature control technology engineered for this wine refrigerator. It prevents spoilage and protects their precious investment.

A serious collector will get so much use out of this 172 bottle capacity wine refrigerator, which will provide enough room for a growing collection and allow the recipient to properly organize their collection. With two different zones, a serious collector can organize their collection by red and white wine or by wines for serving and wines for preserving. The unique FlexCount shelving allows for storage of a variety of bottle shapes and sizes, maximizing the capacity of the interior.

When building a wine cellar in your home isn't realistic, this luxurious wine refrigerator will give you the same high-quality temperature-controlled storage for a fraction of the cost of a cellar. You can learn more about the pros and cons of a variety of wine storage options, here. This unit can be used freestanding or can be built into your home. The fan-forced cooling creates an even and thorough cooling of the interior. Give the gift of a wine cellar to your favorite wine collector.



For the Wine Box Subscriber

For the friend or family member who is dedicated to their wine subscription, the Allavino 32" Wide Vite II Tru-Vino 277 Bottle Single Zone Stainless Steel Right Hinge Wine Refrigerator will contain their massive wine collection. This 277 bottle capacity is plenty of storage for a growing collection. The unique FlexCount shelf design allows for flexibility in storing a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. Each shelf holds even more wine because of the unique cradling design of each shelf, which maximizes the interior space. Your favorite wine-o will love organizing their growing collection with this high capacity wine refrigerator. While it holds a lot, it still has a very sleek and elegant design that is still compact and will suit any home decor. When you continuously collect wine, the temperature is a very important factor in protecting your investment. Allavino has developed an exclusive temperature control technology that minimizes temperature fluctuations and protects your wines from spoiling. This innovative technology also controls ideal wine storage humidity, which is another essential factor in wine storage. Whether your recipient is storing for serving or preserving this wine refrigerator will be more than enough to store their precious collection. The shelves glide easily and pull out fully for easy access to all the bottles. This large wine refrigerator has a quiet and energy-efficient operation. The fan-forced cooling ensures even cooling throughout the whole unit. This large wine refrigerator can be used freestanding or seamlessly built-in to your home. With a storage unit like this, you can keep the wine flowing throughout your home.



For the Wine Connoisseur

When wine is always on your mind and your collection is just continuously growing, the only option is some serious storage! For the wine connoisseur who knows that wine should always be stored at the ideal temperature, we present the ultimate at-home cellar setup, minus the maintenance costs! The Allavino 63" Wide Vite II Tru-Vino 554 Bottle Dual Zone Black Side-by-Side Wine Refrigerator is the ultimate wine lover's gift! With two large wine refrigerators side-by-side and four independent temperature zones, the storage and organization possibilities are endless! Your recipient can organize their collection in a variety of ways! We recommend having one temperature zone for white wines for serving, one for white wines for preserving, one for red wines for serving, and one for red wine for preserving. Four quadrants of consistent temperature control will protect your wine from spoiling. The Tru-Vino technology is so important for preventing temperature fluctuations, which is something a wine connoisseur will truly appreciate. This unique technology completely controls temperature and humidity, which is something that would cost a lot of money to maintain in a built-in wine cellar. These side-by-side wine refrigerators look impressive in ones' home and they can be placed freestanding or built into the home seamlessly. This elegant design allows you to separate the wine refrigerators or place them side-by-side. This is a versatile storage for your favorite wine collector!



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