MicroMatic Complete 5 Liter Pressurized Keg Beer Kegerator Cleaning Bottle & Tube Kit

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  • Pressurized cleaning bottle with tube makes it easy to clean your direct draw system
  • Cleaning bottle cap easily attaches to your keg coupler
  • Includes 4 half oz. packets of beer line cleaner to keep your dispense system clean
  • Comes with a faucet wrench and nylon cleaning brush to easily remove and clean your beer faucet
  • Keep your beer lines clean your your beer tasting brewery fresh!

BeverageFactory.com is proud to offer a complete solution to cleaning your beer lines. These kits are both economical and easy to use. Just tap one of these bottles filled with cleaning solution like it was a normal keg to clean out your lines. Clean lines mean fresh tasting beer.

The kit includes a pressurized cleaning bottle and tube, a bottle cap, 4 half-ounce packets of beer line cleaner, a nylon cleaning brush and a standard duty faucet wrench (not shown).

  1. Fill the cleaning bottle with line cleaner solution. Secure the bottle cap onto the mouth. Detach the keg coupler from your keg and attach it to the cleaning bottle cap.

  2. Place a bucket or drain underneath your faucet to catch the cleaning fluid. Your draft beer system is now ready to be cleaned.

  3. Pull forward on your faucet handle to begin. Your CO2 cannister forces the cleaning solution through the keg coupler, through the beer lines, out of your faucet and into the waiting waste receptacle.

  4. Repeat the above with clean water to rinse the lines, and you now have a clean, fresh-tasting draft beer system again.

We recommend that you clean your draft beer system with Beer Line Cleaner at least every month or every other keg. Every four or five normal cleanings, we suggest you use an Acid Line Cleaner to remove mineral deposits and prolong the life and quality of your draft beer system.


Works well

Used once so far. The bottle and fittings seem sturdy. Much easier than the gravity feed system I had before. I cleanse after every keg so will get a lot of use out of it.

The suction tube takes a fair amount of force to get it onto the attach point but it did go on eventually.

There were no instructions in the box and no explanation of the parts-- like the black and green thingy on the side is an overpressure valve.

I called BeverageFactory and all was explained. They were very nice about it.

The bottle has an expiration date-- about five years! I think this should have been mentioned up front. This is the reason for the four star rating. I will probably use this beyond the expiration.


Crazy easy!

Quick, easy, convenient...That sums it up. I was hesitant due to the price, but glad i spent the few extra bucks. Durability and quality are key with this product. I foresee a long life of quality use with this product.


Great Product

This device is great. Cleaning the beer lines could not be any easier or convenient. It's definitely worth the money. My kegerator is 10 years old and I have always cleaned all the seperate parts by hand. No more. The beer tastes so much more fresher and cleaner and pours much better.


Beer Lovers Dream

Just arrived it took less than 10 minutes to clean my lines. Just followed the instruction. Will use it to clean my beer lines after keg.


Thanks Beverage Factory!

Thanks to the Beverage Factory for helping me discover this product. I have the Danby kegerator and I used to try and replace my beer lines when they got gunky because the hand pump kits don't match up with it. I spoke with one of the guys at the Factory and they said this kit still worked with the Danby because all you have to do is attach the coupler to it. This was a revelation because getting in that tower to try and remove or attach the beer line is a total pain! I didn't put the dip tube on the first time I tried to use it and when I called for technical support, they were able to resolve my issue quickly and give advice on the best way to attach the dip tube. Now I can keep my lines clean and my beer tasting great.

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I can’t get the solution to go thru the beer lines. I have it connected to co2
by Rhett on August 17, 2019
Please contact our technical department to assist you.
1-800-710-9939 option 4
by Ben on August 23, 2019
Staff Answer
Do you have a parts list for these pressurised cleaning vessels? I think I might have lost a washer on the top.
by Luvbeer on August 31, 2019
Unfortunately we do not have individual parts for these, it would be best to contact Micromatic for parts replacement on their cleaning cans.
by Dave on September 06, 2019
Staff Answer
After cleaning solution has been used, do I just rinse container and fill with fresh water to flush system ? Perhaps include more instruction for novices like myself. Thank you.
by Dick on October 22, 2019
We do recommend flushing the system with water after cleaning the lines with the solution.
by Jake on October 29, 2019
Staff Answer
What is the maximum PSI for this cleaner bottle?
by High PSI User, Nitro on November 04, 2019
60 PSI pressure relief, for cleaning bottle caps during beer line cleaning
Feel free to reachout to me directly to place an order.
Ben Reaney 858-218-2339
by Ben on November 05, 2019
Staff Answer

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MicroMatic Complete 5 Liter Pressurized Keg Beer Kegerator Cleaning Bottle & Tube Kit $299.80 SAVE 25% - $74.95 $224.85
Complete 5 Liter Pressurized Keg Beer Kegerator Cleaning Bottle & Tube Kit
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