Kegco Pro Series Commercial Grade Dual Gauge Co2 Keg Beer Kegerator Regulator

Model: 542
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  • Works with any Co2 tank with a CGA-320 valve
  • Measures PSI as well as the volume of the Co2 gas in the cylinder
  • Regulator body is constructed of forged brass with all brass connections and components
  • Integral safety pressure relief valve releases at 45 PSI
  • Large hand control makes it easy to adjust the presure inside keg

The Kegco 542 Pro series works with any Co2 Tank with a CGA-320 valve and measures PSI, as well as the volume of the Co2 gas in the Cylinder. The regulator body is constructed of forged brass with all brass connections and components, a sintered brass inlet filter, integrated nylon tank connection washer (and spare) and self resetting safety release valve. Both gauges feature an easy to read design. The top gauge lets you know how much Co2 Pressure is in the keg and displays 0-60 psi. The second gauge lets you know how much Co2 gas is left inside the Co2 Tank and features a 0-2000 display. A large adjustment knob with a lock ring allows gas flow to be changed without the need for a screw driver. This regulator includes a tamper proof safety pressure relive valve that releases at 45 psi. There is also a shut off valve that allows for instantly shutting off pressure to the keg without backing up your gas line.

  • Has a large hand control which makes it easy to adjust the presure inside keg
  • Pro Series Gauge
  • Pressure Adjustment Knob
  • Chrome Plated Brass Body
  • Output - 1/4" FNPT
  • Integral Safety pressure relief valve releases at 45 PSI
  • Manual Pressure Release Valve
Warning WARNING: This product has Brass components. Brass alloys are known to contain trace amounts of Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to


Excellent Regulator

Gauges are easy to read. The adjustment knob used to set dispensing pressure works far better than the one I had previously which had a plastics knob 2hich easily stripped.


Does exactly what it's supposed to do

Nice regulator does what its supposed to do. Easily adjustable. High pressure gauge tells you what's in the tank and low pressure gauge tells you what your keg pressure is. Currently running a two keg system.


CO2 regulator

Works good. Their is a stop ring behind the regulator adjusting knob that has a threaded hole for a lock screw but I did not get the lock screw.


Geeat reg. would rate it tops.

Very easy to use and built very well. give it a top shelf rating.


2 gauges are better than 1

Works well and I always know what is left in the tank. This is a well designed regulator for people that do not use this type of equipment frequently. The pressure control knob is well marked for which direction of rotation increases or decreases pressure. I can't tell you how many time I have had a problem adjusting pressure on other gauges. It\'s a simple thing but the + and - pointer really helps. Especially, after you have drank enough beer to reduce the pressure.

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Can I replace the blow-off valve with one rated for higher pressure or is the unit itself only rated for 45psi? I already own this but now want 100 psi.
by Dan on October 14, 2019
The gauges are also rated at a lower pressure rating, not able to accept 100 psi. I would recommend a high pressure regulator for your safety.
Taprite Primary High Pressure Double Gauge Mixed Gas Regulator Model:5741PMHPT
Feel free to contact me directly to assist you.
Ben 858-218-2339
by Ben on November 13, 2019
Staff Answer
Why am i not getting more output pressure? I already turned the knob all the way and the knob on my tank all the way and it's sitting below 40psi
by Albert on April 28, 2020
Hi Albert, what beverage are you looking to dispense? These regulators are not designed to go higher than 40 PSI. I would suggest a nitrogen or a high pressure regulator.
by Jennifer on August 21, 2020
Staff Answer
What is the blue handle for?
by Ram on June 06, 2022
That is a gas shut off to stop the flow of CO2 to the keg.
by Jake on June 06, 2022
Staff Answer


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