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Brewie+ Automated Brewing System

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Brewie+ is a Fully Automated all grain brewing machine that is lighter, faster, and stronger than its kind. 15 lbs lighter than it's series, the Brewie Plus is noticeably easier to move around with an upgrade WiFi module helping to stay connected while brewing in your garage or work shed. It has updated heating elements to strike that water temperature and boil the wort faster, helping to decrease your overall brewing process. This Brewie+ now has double memory added and can be loaded up with even more of your favorite recipes!

The Brewie Plus can produce up to 5 gallons of wort without any supervision. It let you set every single parameter, mashing, sparging or hopping, simple enough for even a beginner brewer. Simply start off with the choice of your personalize recipe from the digital display, add your ingredients, and start the program. The machine will do the rest, so you can relax and enjoy a beer. It also includes cleaning cycle feature that can run after you have pumped the wort into your sanitized fermenter.

The Brewie+ can be controlled from about anywhere. It can connect with smartphone, tablets, laptops, or other devices to help monitor and control your batch. Manage your batches and connect with other Brewie+ owners with Brewie's Social Platform.

Brewie Pad recipe kits are available with all of the ingredients you'll need to make a great beer. Brewie Pad recipe kits use high quality and fresh ingredients making great tasting beer every time you brew. Simply empty the ingredients into the specified locations, select the preloaded recipe from the digital display. The Brewie+ is also fully programmable so you aren't forced to use a Brewie Pad.

Key Features

  • Boiling, mashing, and hopping tanks are all stainless steel
  • Digital touch screen display to control all features
  • Monitor or control the progress of your brew day from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop
  • Built in weight sensors to ensure the exact amount of water is added
  • 4 individual hop tanks to allow for separate additions of hops during the boil, each with programmable times
  • The Brewie's tubing allows you to sparge automatically or manually
  • The built in cooler chills the wort before fermentation (connection to a water source is required)
  • 3 self-clean programs (quick, full & sanitize) take the work out of cleanup
  • Flexibility to use house water through the provided supply line or external water
  • Can handle grain bills of up to 17.5 lbs with a recommended water-to-grist ratio of 1.2 qts/lb

Whats New

  • 18% lighter machine for easier handling
  • Custom made pumps (from the supplier of Tesla)
  • Decreased response time
  • 20,000 hours of life expectancy
  • Up to 12% faster brewing process
  • Doubled memory storage for even more recipes
  • Updated electronics adapted from the automobile industry
  • Updated heating elements ensuring a continuous, rolling boil
  • New WiFi module increasing reception - for all garage or garden shed brewing
  • Pressure sensors for easier calibration
  • Terminating sensibility of external effects (user tampering, base surface)


  • Power: 1800 W - runs on standard 120V, 20amp house circuit
  • Brewing Capacity: 2.64 - 5.28 gallons (10 - 20 L)
  • Max Capacity: 7 galllons (26.5 L)
  • Weight: 64 lbs (29 kg)
  • Dimensions: 29"W x 13.3"D x 18.4"H
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