Kegco Kombucha Brewing

Enjoy kombucha at home by making and fermenting large batches in these carboys from Kegco. Once it's done fermenting in your carboy all that left to do it transfer it to your kegerator to start enjoying cold kombucha on tap!

5 Gallon Glass Carboy <b>*BACKORDERED*</b>
Kegco 5 Gallon Glass Carboy *BACKORDERED*Model: CB05G


SAVE 30% - $15.20
6 Gallon Glass Carboy
Kegco 6 Gallon Glass CarboyModel: CB-06


SAVE 30% - $24.80
Oxygen Regulator Kit
Kegco Wide Mouth Clear Glass Jug - 1 GallonModel: 5205


SAVE 30% - $22.80
Oxygen Regulator Kit
Kegco Solid Lid for 1 Gallon Wide Mouth Clear Glass JugModel: 5206


SAVE 30% - $2.85
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From opening to storing, Kegco products are well thought out and quality tested to ensure the best experience for the end user. Kegco’s core focus is to produce solid products that are practical, functional and visually appealing all while creating a strong bond with customers. Backed by top notch customer service, Kegco is available to prospective and current owners before, during and after their purchase.


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